Your Favorite Gel

Just as the title states, what gels do you prefer to pack on your rides and why?

Hammer Gel raspberry diluted with some water. Good taste and using water makes it a bit more consumable, without staying in one’s mouth for (what seems like) a long time.

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SIS Tutti Fruiti!


SiS Sports Gels-- they’re got a really good consistency, you don’t feel any need to reach for the water bottle afterwards to clear it out (I’m looking at you Gu Roctaine gels! eurgh).

All the flavours are good-- not a big fan of the caffeine one(s) because of that sharper taste. Current faves are the Tutti Fruity and Salted Strawberry


Hammer Apple Cinnamon is my favorite. I like the flavor, and I can get it in bulk easily for use in a flask (which is key for me).

I play around with a lot of others, SiS, Honey Stinger, Clif, and some new Chia based one I can’t remember.


So I’ve seen some gels sold in bulk, how do you go about carrying a dosage in the pocket and how does it get consumed from there? When I hear flask, I think of Bourbon

Hammer Nutrition in the flask (less expensive vs. single serve and environmentally friendly). Montana Raspberry, Orange and Vanilla.

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Hammer flask is what I use. But you could use anything similar.

I’ve used SiS single serve gels squeezed in there along with Honey Stinger and Hammer in bulk. Way easier when riding to use a flask, and less waste.

I use one of these. It makes eating a breeze.

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Another vote for Hammer Gel Apple Cinnamon. Tastes like apple pie. Doesn’t even taste bad when warm. It’s amazing. I don’t do it often, so I never get sick of it.

Every other gel I’ve ever had, has been something I do in order get the energy I need. I don’t do it for pleasure.

I actually look forward to Hammer Gel Apple Cinnamon.


SIS is my go to. The consistency is the main thing I like. They are easy to eat really quickly (a big plus in the middle of a race or hard ride) and you don’t feel the need to down half a water bottle right after. The other great thing is that SIS runs all sorts of sales on a pretty frequent basis so they are usually easy to find for a good price.

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Maurten Gel 100. No flavour. No colorings. Simple. No bullshit. It works.


So for those who are saying certain gels, are you picking them based on flavor/consistency, or are they superior to others in their contents? I’m not sure what to really look for but I typically get Gu or Hammer locally, though some places do carry honey stingers or whatever

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Love these things. Flavor reminds me of those Trolli Brite Crawlers gummy worms

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For me it is both. The flavor and consistency of the SIS gels are so much better than any other brand I have tried. I know I don’t have any stomach stress with them either. I fuel all my rides with gels and if the rides / races are long I will add in chews to the mix. I very rarely eat solid foods on the bike because it seems ( no science behind it ) they just work better.

Been using a mix of cranksports egel and SiS. Website needs some work but I like them. SiS packets are kinda big imo. I can fit 6, 7 w/ buldge, in a dsw bento bag. Open to trying new things so this thread will be interesting to follow.

Isostar Actifood Exotic (which is actually mango flavour). I could eat it whole day!


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SiS gels for me - I like the thinner consistency and ease of getting them down. Flavors are all fine, although generally speaking any caffeine gel (regardless of brand in my experience) tastes kind of crappy

Torq Fitness - Banoffee - it tastes damn amazing and I can have 3 of them an hour and be fine. Also has a nice caffeine kick. Though I am still going through a series of tests and will share my thoughts once I tested all the recommended ones I can get my hands on.

It’s a slow and expensive but worthwhile process I think.

SIS espresso