SIS Energy Bars

I am a big fan of SIS (Science in Sport) products for fueling my ride, especially their gels and energy bars. I’ve noticed on their website (US website) that their energy bar offerings is almost non-existent, down to a single 5-pack bundle. Any ideas/knowledge of why this is happening? Also, those of you who have used these products, did you shift to a different brand? Which one and why?

Thank you.

Bummer. I got them once on the short shelf life deal and liked them. Gave a bunch to friends who liked them too. My usual alternative are clif bars but the SiS ones had a smaller package which I could pack more of in my pocket

Wish they’d give their gels the same treatment

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I use SIS for everything but their bars. Tried them once and didn’t do it for me. Cliff is my goto for bars.

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I actually like their gels specifically for this reason. Yes, they are bigger but they don’t require additional water, and they are not as sticky as other brands that are more concentrated.

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I do too, just wish they’d maybe meet the ratio in the middle to make them smaller. I’m sure it’s a non-issue when ineos riders are fed gels from a team car but for me to bring even 4 on a 100 mile ride becomes a bit challenging with food and other things I need to carry, and MANY would argue 4 isn’t nearly enough for a 5-5.5 hour ride

I use 4-5 serving of their powder per bottle for longer rides and just fill with the gels. The more you can get from your bottles the better in my experience.

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I’m still using Gatorade powder and water on my end. Curious to try some other brands though

Yes. I switched to Walmart brand.

  1. Cheap.
  2. Low-osmolar for a 1:1 gluc:fruc ratio which is probably closer to optimal than 2:1.
  3. Similar sweetness compared to 1:1 malto:fruc.

I’m finally just trying SiS gels, they’re great but damn do they need a flask and refillable bottle solution, the packaging kills me. I love downing a gel with no water though, really nice. For longer rides I’d supplement with different brands (GU) since they’re more concentrated.

Thanks everyone for your input. While many of you discuss the gels, my question was geared towards the energy bars. I like to have solid food during the first part of the ride/race and use gels later on. I still love and use the SIS gels, but it’s the lack of their solid energy bars that I am upset with.
So my question actually was what type of solid energy bar is everyone using? One that is preferably soft (as in chewy).

I like the Clif Bars. They’re pretty hearty though so they’re sometimes hard to eat while riding. The chocolate mocha ones with espresso in them are delicious.

I also eat Nature’s Bakery fig bars. 45g of carbs per package. The brownie kind are also really good.

:smiley: :rofl: :joy: Awesome!

Maybe I could just fit that in my jersey pocket.

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