Xterra Triathlete Build choice question

I am getting ready for the move to build after both SSB (LV) and am debating on which build to do: Short Power Build or General Build. My primary focus is Xterra triathlons. So figure a Sport level MTB race with a swim first and a run up to a 10K afterwards. Both builds have advantages and disadvantages. My run is the weakness I am more concerned about this year (master’s swim is dealing with the swim). So the effect on the run (both the run and training for it (needs to be considered).

Which one do you suggest and why?


I am a big believer that it should depend on your region and the styles of courses you are expecting to race. Out west, there will be more sustained climbing than you have in other regions. The power demands of say the national champ course and Beaver creek are very different than what you could expect for some of the other XPS races. I chose short power build and modified it to fit my schedule. I only did the 2 weekday interval sessions and towards the end of build, one of those started to suffer as the running intervals got harder/more duration.

You’ve got to look at it as a triathlete and not just as a cyclist. So sometimes you just won’t be able to do the full workouts as prescribed, but you should always try your best and if things start spiraling downwards, pack it in and save it for your next workout. I did not do well with the 3 min intervals in the 2nd half of the build, but those are also a part of general build. I surprisingly did make my power targets for the shorter intervals the day after my long run.

Reading through the pro thread posted by sryke the other week gave me confidence to not sweat making every interval of every workout. Look at the overall trends and realize that there is a reason why a triathlete isn’t as good at a single sport as a swimmer/biker/runner and come in with the mentality that doing all three is the sport and that having good fitness in all three is the goal without over committing to one or the other.

Thanks. I for SSB, I have done 2 or 3 of the LV weekly workouts. If I miss one because of the running needs, I have not sweated it.

Thanks for the comments about the region. Midwest is full of punchy, short climbs – the longest I have done around here are 5 minutes or so (though they seem MUCH longer). Not doing Beaver Creek or Utah.

Been a rough winter on the run. Got to get top end back with that now.