Sustained power build vs Half distance Triathlon plan

Hi All,

I am a triathlete/ and soon to start crit racing. Just finished the SSB 1 and 2 High Vol plans…and have been building the rest of my tri plan around those. I am only doing half iron distance for this season with gran fondos throughout as well. But will get back to long course for 2020.

I am now into the build phase and am trying to decide between Sustained pwr build or the tri specific plan. The main difference I can see is the A) though the workouts aren’t as long they are more frequent therefore higher weekly Volume B) tri plan has the one 3 to 4hr ride every couple weeks.

Are there pros or cons to either? I read the description for sustained power build which is good for tt’rs or triathletes etc… I am looking at high vol plans.

Thanks for any advice and insight to them!

I would likely recommend the Triathlon Plan due to the fact that it takes into account the training stress of your other two disciplines, The Tri plans are designed as a complete package and this helps you to manage your running and swimming stress without excess fatigue. The plan also assigns tri speciic workouts like Brick workouts that will help you improve your triathlon specific fitness.

Tackling the Sustained Power Build would require a more careful approach because the weekly cycling training stress is higher, so you may need to dial it back a bit to make it work with your run/swim program.

Thanks for advice!