WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018

Disaster 2018 Survey Results

December 15, 2018

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  • 100% of the proceeds going to World Bicycle Relief.

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Updated December 3, 2018:

  • We are expanding Disaster day by encouraging the use of any of the Disaster workouts above for the day.
    This means you can use the 1/2 or 3/4 version of Disaster if the full 4+ hour beast is too much.

    • The central idea here is to pick a workout that stretches you to a new level of work and time on the trainer. The 1/2 version may well be double the time you have done on a trainer in the past.
    • So choose any version that seems like a challenge, and maybe even scares you a bit, and join us all in a test of ourselves.

  • It takes a strong mind to purposely put yourself through pain like this, but since they say miserly loves company… we’re going to do it together.

  • Shared suffering is an important building block of camaraderie, so hop on your bike and support your buddies.

  • As much fun as I think this could be, I fear it may later be classified under the umbrella of “good initiative, bad judgment.” Won’t know until we try!

  • Feel free to take breaks as need for stretching, nature breaks, and refilling bottles. This is meant as a fun challenge and the workout will be more than enough.

  • We aren’t mandating particular rules. We just want people to take on an impressive workout and push themselves past the point they have tried on a trainer… and maybe have a little fun along the way.

  • We have several “leaders” set to start the workout at a particular time.

  • Please reply below if you have interest in participating in this silly but fun challenge. Include a planned start time in your local Time Zone, and Chad will list it in the schedule above.


Hi Chad
Definitely interested in this sort of madness, have a few TR user friends I’ll try and rope in as well. I’m in Northern Ireland so will be on GMT. Also had the idea of maybe having any other interested TR users local to me round for a group suffering session lol. See what interest there is.


I really hate this idea, it looks miserable. Count me in.


Glad there has been so much interest to this madness. I’ll (most likely) be leading from Central European Time on the day. Plenty of training and technical issues I need to work out, but I’ll at the very least be on Zwift leading the charge. Would love to get more social media options going before the day. Let me know if you’re joining from anywhere in EMEA!

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Yes, as mentioned on the Facebook page, I will consider this ridiculous event as it gets closer.


If I keep up my training between now and then - yes this might be fun!

Also in NI so GMT.

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Sounds like a terrible idea, will need to adjust my training calendar but I’m tentatively in!


If there’s enough interest, I might be willing to organize some stickers or a T-shirt buy to commemorate the event.

I have a local vendor and event planner that can provide the services. Coincidentally, his event business is called “Bad Idea Events” which is perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:


Perfect timing! I had nothing planned in between SSB II and General Build; Disaster should fill that weekend nicely. The fourth hour looks like it’ll be my fave.

UK based so GMT.


Perhaps we make a fundraiser out of it as well?


Maybe the TR team can dedicate a podcast to a ‘fueling’ strategy for this event? This will be very new territory for me and may others I’m sure. Never spent that much time on a trainer, might need a better quality fan.

I’ve already started researching possible distractions :slight_smile:
The best 33 movies over three hours according to


I have below planned. Will probably drop the Friday night and replace the Sat morning Tallac +3 with this…

Sunday might need to be off as well or just a slow spin.

On a slightly more serious note - an honest ‘I admit I don’t know better’ - this will come about 3/4 weeks into sweet spot high vol base for me. Any issues or is it really just like scrapping the planned workout and going for a really big long Saturday ride?

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Could be a great goal. I have no idea how to get started or what to pick for a recipient.

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Gotta make sure to come in a bit rested. I’d say the day before off the bike. And it is likely a good idea to plan a rest day off the bike after.

I did a 324tss, 5 hour indoor ride/race last Sunday. I was smoked and worthless Monday, and I took Tuesday off (mostly because I’m not following a plan right now). I expect this workout to be on the same level, but maybe a bit easier?


I think we could sure ask some questions for the cast. I think we might even get some replies from Coach Chad and Nate in here.

I will push for those a in a bit as we get more planning set.

Something like World Bicycle Relief might be a good one.

We could make it informal, e.g. convincing friends to each chip in $10 to WBR if we finish the workout, or perhaps one of the TR folks has a more organized way of doing it.


I am also interested. It is on a Saturday which is hockey & ski day for my kids - I may just have to get up really early to get this done. Maybe 4 AM PDT.


This is insane. I’ll consider it.


Well then I like the energy that’s going into this stupid idea. Like I mentioned over of FB I’ve put it into my calendar. If nothing comes up I’m in. And as I’m based out of Singapore I can cover a fair bit of Asia and possibly Australiy/NZ if no other leaders emerge.


Over 2 months away… @chad has enough time to come up with 4+ hours of workout commentary for us to enjoy.