A New 8dc for 2019?

I just started using TR this year and I recently ran across the 8dc workouts. Is there any chance we could see a new 8dc for 2019? I’d love to take part and I’m sure others would as well. It would be a fun way for all us users to come together and train on the same courses at the same time and then come on here to chat about each stage! Would anyone else be interested?

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8dc is for part-timers :smile: This year is Worldwide “Disaster” Workout Day!

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I think the disaster idea is cool, but I would prefer to push myself day after day like a real stage race.

Plus after 4 hours straight on a trainer your hind end will be a disaster…

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I LOVE 8DC. Did it when I first joined TR back in like 2014 just to check it out. Man did that thrash me hard.
With the sufferlandria stuff falling away there hasn’t really been another thing to fill its place until @mcneese.chad and the crazies organized disaster day.

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I think a smaller, maybe 3 or 4 day version of this would be fun… and maybe managable.

Something more online with a typical weekend warrior version of a road race, TT, crit and such.

Could simply pick from the race sim workouts or other tough ones already available.

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i’d LOVE a 4-5 day version of 8DC -

i recently tried some of the harder 8dc workouts from various years in isolation and they are v hard … but really fun, and a good break mentally as they are so ever changing.

be cool to extend to community vibe of WWDD even further i think … but 4-5 days def more feasible for most.

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Let’s get thru the Disaster, and I will see about doing another event.


What about 8DC, but on Day 8 we do Disaster?

turns away and walks the other direction

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Listening to back episodes of the podcast and heard about 8dc. Thinking of trying it out later this season. Does anyone know why the team hasn’t kept doing this in recent years?