What workout did you do today? (2018/2019)

I was originally supposed to do Kaiser, then had planned to do Bashful +2 (as laid out in the updated SSB LV2 plan), but ended up just doing Bashful as I had to get my workout in the early AM before work and that’s the compromise I made with myself instead of just going back to bed :joy:. It was challenging, but not overly so and I made it through so I felt better after than I would have with a high likelihood of failure on either of the other workouts.


Completed Mary Austin as the last hard workout for SSBLV2, really pleased that I was able to complete SSBLV2 without having to scale down on the intensity on any of the workouts.

Now it’s time to decide on general build or sustained power build after the three taper workouts.
I am normally relatively good a doing walls (short steep climbs) but bad at prolonged climbs.
Does general build have enough sustained workouts to keep on improving on that part?


Lamarck today. Up next is a Saturday date with a certain Ms. Mary Austin



Monitor +1. I love that by the end of these true sweet spot workouts, I’m not quite cooked, but just the right level of fatigue to know I worked hard without crushing my soul. Seems like my FTP is set correctly, and the RPE of everything is getting just a little bit easier over time. Hope to see a little bump in the next ramp test in 2.5 weeks.


Avalanche Spire +3

A little mid-week O/U. Was going to wimp out and dial it down considering the fabulous crash-n-burn of my last O/U sesh – Fang Mountain +3 – but decided to HTFU and go for it (I also ate a like 7 sweet taters). Felt like :poop: for the first couple (I think I need longer warm-ups…I’m old) but held on to totally nail the last interval. :partying_face: Take THAT Coach Chad!

Those weird inter-interval ramps kinda annoy me…I do the unders at 95rpm and the overs at 100rpm…having 1 min to increase 5rpm seems like wasted time. Next scheduled O/U (Carpathian Peak +3) I’m going to run it old school style with no ramps.


Still time to ditch Mary and do the (probably easier) full Disaster Day. :+1:


I’ll assume LV for both plans…GB has 1/week…SP has 2/week. But GB has VO2 sessions which will help raise all boats. Just depends on what kind of workouts you want to do.

ah yes, LV for both plans. LV helps to ensure enough rest (history of over doing stuff and getting injured because of it) and mentally it helps as it is easier to complete all the workouts on time.

I think I’ll go with General Build LV then, planning on doing mountain biking after the April events and I believe the general build mentioned mountain biking in it’s description.
Going to add long outdoor rides with low intensity to the GBLV and keep on doing 2 days in the gym.

That should be plenty to get me fitter before April.
Thanks for the advice

New FTP, who dis? Oh yeah, that’s right, my old friends pain and self doubt.

Had to dig very deep to get through this, felt sluggish from the start due to a terrible nights sleep (bloody kids!) Very satisfying to complete a workout when the warm up has you thinking you may not make it through.image


Kern-4 today; about as hard as last weeks full version given the extra humidity and temperature in Sydney this week. Even with my big Vornado and a cold drink I was sweating buckets throughout.


A gentleman keeps his promises :slight_smile:

Ugh, longest hour session ever. Not a fan.


Mont Albert - start of TB LV II

Quite enjoyed it - climbing drills made a change from the drills in the last 4 weeks of TB LB I.


Ha! She eats gentlemen for breakfast! She’ll turn you into the foulest scurvy-dog pirate before the day’s through!

Have fun! :metal:

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Did darwin today , actually felt ok ( i was thinking about increasing the workload but than i though what i have in store for the weekend and decided against it :wink: )

Spencer. Felt like quitting in the last interval, but eventually persevered. It’s amazing how the workouts bring you right up to your limits.



Darwin this morning. Had to bail on the last and just held a stable power to get ‘home’. Spencer two days before floored me so I must not be recovering properly. But it really is amazing how insanely accurate TR is and just manages to keep me on the edge.


Jepson - did not start until 20:50 which is not ideal but, got through it, might affect getting to sleep !


Bald knob.

Penultimate workout of my recovery week in SSB LV1 following a couple of months away from the bike pre- and post- the birth of my daughter.

Quite looking forward to the ramp next week to see what difference 6 weeks of consistency can make.