Disaster Day, 2019 (?)

As the season wraps up … any thoughts on a Disaster Day for 2019?

Edit by Chad McNeese, to add links for those unfamiliar with the silly event we did late last year.

Main discussion and planning thread:

Discussion thread for the actual event weekend:


Lol…today in a group ride we talked about it if we would do it again…

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I’ve had private discussions with one other member looking towards the official one that may happen around December.

Prior to that, I am planning a “make-up” one in late September to cover for my sickness that lead to my need to do Disaster -2 instead of the full beast. I have some fitness that I want to put to use. We can consider doing an “early” event for anyone who has time and interest.

My current plan is the weekend of September 28 or 29 for the early/make-up event. I considered the prior weekend (Sep 21 or 22), but that is only one week after my first half-marathon running race. So I have no idea how I will feel only one week away from that.

Thoughts on the early one and the main event in late 2019?

Chad, do you know if anyone is going to start up a planning/execution thread for this year? Sounds like a disastrous party!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::biking_woman:

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Yes, I will be heading an official thread for the main event later this year. It will parallel the one above, with the new date (once we set it). We will share common links to the workouts for planning and the chat info as well. I need to review the questionnaire we did at the completion of the last one to help with plans for the new one.

I will get that thread started (maybe late next month?) so we can get the ball rolling. It was surprisingly fun and motivating based on my experience and the comments from others who joined the pain party :stuck_out_tongue:


Sign me up for December. September is too early for me.

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I will most probably try to participate in December, as I had to skip last year.

September is too early for me, as I plan to try and train outdoors for as long as possible before the rainy autumn hits us here in Finland.


I’d be up for the challenge.

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Same here, will again try to stream it live and will try to ge a pro-tour rider to join us this time…december sounds good for me…september is off season for me

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Yeah, the September one is not something I really planned to do as a group initially. It is meant for me to do what I missed last year, while I have some good fitness. I only shared it in the small chance others wanted to hop in, but it is not intended to be as big a deal as the main event we will have in December.

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For those interested, here is a link to the survey results from last year:

@mcneese.chad If you recall, I produced a document called: An Unofficial Guide to Disaster prior to Disaster Day 2018. If you are interested, I would be happy to update this document based on the Survey Results to make available again prior to the event. I’d also be happy to provide you with edit privileges to jointly produce it as I am quite sure you’d have a lot of useful adds and edits.


I wasn’t on TR last year for this and didn’t know it was a thing, but now I’m super exited and will happily(?) join the party


Yeah, @bobmac, I totally remember that stuff and planned to revisit it in prep for this year.

I didn’t expect people to be looking forward to it by now and hadn’t really started any prep yet. But if you want to compile the updates from your stuff that would be amazing! I will also help with edits as we move forward, so access makes sense to me.

Since we are getting the ball rolling, I will likely get an “official” thread started, that will include your resources and all the other stuff we add to the event. I will try to get that setup on my lunch break today.


When I search workouts for “Disaster”, I see only the full 4.25 hour workout. Have the shorter variations been pulled or perhaps renamed, or am I not searching correctly?

IIRC, you need to join the WWDD Team in order to see and access the Disaster variations.


I hate the fact that I find this appealing… :crazy_face:


It was the bestworst thing I’ve ever done. It was an absolute blast.


Time to dig out the t-shirt :slight_smile:


December again for defo

Indeed, stay tuned for an announcement as we work on the deets. :wink: