WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018

Are we allowed to, like, take breaks and stuff? For the undercarriage?


I’m tentatively in. Would be cool if we had some way of seeing everyone elses progress in real time.


I am all for people doing whatever they need to in order to get through the workout.

No surprise that I recommend a rocker plate for comfort when riding this long. Either way, standing will be a requirement, IMHO.

Nature breaks and other stops are cool by me. Just a goal of completing the workout.


I agree. I am hoping to stream mine live.

I also want to have a live Discord chat for the people on the bike. So that might be one part of it.

I’m open to other ideas too.


I looked at this workout once and thought “that looks like a terrible idea”. So, naturally, I’ll probably give it a shot.
I’ll have a week off for travel at Christmas, so I can count this as part of my TSS “camp” leading up to that trip.


This is the day after I have a date with Mary Austin. Count me in! :slight_smile:

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One of the main reasons I wanted to do this date was exactly that. I’ll have just finished SSBII and leave for holiday the next week, so wanted to go for something big to test myself between phases.

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But actually, yes of course. I’m doing this thinking of it like a C event. I don’t really race much (maybe twice a year), so for me a C event is usually a big group ride or a fondo of some kind. So built into Disaster is the option for “coffee stops” “feed stations” or whatever, I’m going in on the assumption I’ll need to stop and get off at least once for a nature break and a refill of bottles. I am, however, going to try to pack my jersey as if it was a 4+ hour race.


Wonder if we could get someone to programme and Worldwide Disaster TSS tracker for everyone’s real-time cumulative TSS? :slight_smile:


@Nate_Pearson can put together nutrition plans?

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I’m all down for the chat - but I don’t really know what this “Zwift” thing is or how to use it.

I’m in Poland, so another Central Europe person. I’ll go whenever most of you guys are going out.

@Nate_Pearson - how many people have done Disaster? Maybe we can double the number of completions or have some other completely unimportant but otherwise entertaining goal to go along with it.


I think we should track moving time and elapsed time.
Whoever completes with fastest elapsed time he wins…

Will we also have ma and women cat? Plus I think we should and some attracting prizes such as first place TR kid, second TR coffee mug, third TR bidon😂.

Shipping and handling excluded :slightly_smiling_face:

I am in Middle East so if nothing comes up, I am in

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The workout is a fixed time, so no fastest times. Will be too hard to track when people have breaks etc…


On Garmin side you should be able to see elapsed time and training time. So we should be able to see. Let me check

Yeah, true, think you might be right, normally when my TR sessions sync, they show my workout time only, as I have autopause enabled if I ever stop. In the Garmin stats it will show total time, if you had to run to the toilet or something.

Would probably rather keep the competitive side out of it.

Or let me rephrase - keep the competitive aspect focusing on each individual. One of the reasons TR has attracted me is to get off the strava and zwift competing thing - focusing on mph etc. I’m trying now to look at my own performance and effort and see changes there- regardless of what my peers are doing. Now I know some folk are different and that’s cool too.



Thabks @mcneese.chad

That’s what I’ll do. :+1:

Totally agree

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Agree. It was just a thought.


Guess I’ll give it a crack. 1201am NZ time…bike lights on! Seems like the nuttiest time to do this. Should be fun having gotten up for work at 4am Friday morning… Will be like doing the last few hours of a 24hr race, but worse…