Workout or not week before event

Hi folks, quick question…

Next week will be week 3 of SSB1 LV, next Saturday I have an event, a 70 mile 2400 ft sportive, I have heard of tapers and deloading. Is this something i should consider or just do my 2 one hour workouts.

I’d like to be feeling fresh on the day, haven’t cycled this distance before, previous longest distance is 55 miles.

I’m reasonably well conditioned, used TR a fair bit last year and have now just started up again.

Thanks in advance

It depends on whether this is your “A” priority race, or if you’re scheduling your training toward one big event. It looks like you’re very early on still in your training this year, so you won’t even benefit much from a taper.

What I’d recommend is doing the two 1-hour rides early in the week, then take Thursday+Friday off of riding to be recovered for your event on Saturday.

Best of luck!!

I like to try and do a primer before a race or event. I find they work best if done 24 hours prior to the ride.

That said, I wouldn’t be trying to complete a two hour session and I always keep it below threshold. I do my sprints on the track just before the flag drops.

Hope your event goes well :+1:

@larry I was thinking exactly this but wasn’t sure how many days rest to give myself.

It’s not a race, just a sportive although I still will be pushing myself for the best time possible.

Deffo not an ‘A’ event

A Monday and Wednesday workout with Thursday + Friday off should be plenty. If you wanted to take Wednesday off, you wouldn’t want to move that workout to Tuesday, but instead replace it with a light workout.