Fatigue during SSB1

This is my first time doing structured training on the bike and I am just about to start the first recovery week after SSB 1, I have completed all the training rides without any real problem but find when I ride on the road my performance has dropped. could this just be down to fatigue even if my legs don’t feel especially tiered, has anyone else had this experience and if so did you come back stronger after the recovery week?

Just for more info I am doing the LV plan mid week and then outdoor rides on the weekends so get 2 days off the bike a week.

2 days off the bike? Did you move the three workouts to the week (Mo/Tu/Fr) plus two weekend rides?

You are probably doing to much, consider two low volume rides in the week and two on the weekend.

I have been doing the TR rides on mon/tue/thu and having wed/fri off the bike

So your riding schedule is:

  • Wed off
  • Thur TrainerRoad
  • Fri off
  • Sat outside
  • Sun outside
  • Mon TrainerRoad
  • Tue TrainerRoad

I’d look really hard at reorganizing as a 2 day block and 3 day block. I can’t see doing more than 2 days of the TR plan if you have two weekend outside rides.