Event Delayed 3 Days - How to adjust taper?

Hi all, I have a ~24 hour event (distance based, but it’ll take about that long) that’s been delayed by a couple of days. I’m doing the final week of Road - Century (Speciality, High Volume) and I’m wondering how I might tweak it.

The original plan was Boarstone on the Saturday, and then my own custom workout called “Carb Load Sprints” (which should be fairly obvious in its intention) on Sunday before the event on Monday. However, it’s now looking like the event will be on either Wednesday or Thursday next week so I’m not sure what I should do with the extra couple of days.

I wont move the carb load stuff as I always do that the day before the event, but I’m wondering if I should do something else on Saturday and Sunday then another session on Tuesday? Assuming a Thursday event that is.

Really to just keep things ticking over (not trying to get any more fit obviously).

Just add another Boarstone-ish ride or two, maybe something at a lower IF more in line with your goal IF for the event. No need to do much else since it’s a long grind.

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I would say it depends on how fresh you are feeling right now. If you feel like you could benefit from some extra rest then just carry on with the Aerobic workouts that are on the plan for the weekend then add another 90ish min one on Tuesday. If you are feeling fresh then maybe do a longer workout with some tempo efforts on Saturday, Aerobic Sunday, Aerobic Tuesday.

Most of the benefit you’ll get from these workouts is psychological. You won’t be getting more fit but you also don’t want to feel stale at your event from doing too little. But you have a lot of room to work with between doing too much and too little.

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Thanks both. I guess a relatively low intensity 1.5h - 2.0h wouldn’t harm. Just get more time working at roughly where I’ll be keeping myself over the event.

I’m not feeling particularly fresh to be honest, so avoiding anything higher intensity may be sensible.