'B' event taper?

I have a ‘B’ event (hilly roads) in 10 days time. Due first to surgery, then winter weather etc, almost all of my prep (training) has been TR turbo-based, which was the plan, and it’s gone pretty well and I feel good [NB nice work, TR]. My FTP is higher now than prior to my late-summer surgery, so I’m not complaining.

I’ve only managed to do a handful of outside rides since the summer surgery, all in the past month. The event will entail a ride-time and likely TSS of roughly twice that of the longest/hardest of those recent rides.

I’m nearly halfway through Sustained Power Build, with just Galena +1 to do this week before starting the mid-plan recovery week.

In order to ensure I’m fully rested prior to the event (bearing in mind the big bump in the event’s ride time vs my recent rides), I’d planned to do just the scheduled Pettit and Collins w/o’s next week, skipping the final scheduled w/o Brasstown, leaving two rest days between Collins and the event.

Does this sound reasonable?

Or should I do something different next week, maybe slotting in something like Truuli -2 as a primer?


Sounds reasonable enough. The planned workouts are moderate intensity affairs, so they shouldn’t prevent you from arriving at your event fresh. At the same time, plenty of other approaches can probably be sensible as well. Looking back a month ago, I had a B race at the end of a SSBII recovery week. I did Pettit, as planned, but skipped the Thursday workout in favor of Truuli Peak on Friday (my race was a basically a fat bike crit race). For a longer event like yours, you might do Truuli (non-Peak).

The B priority gives you some latitude to experiment, though. You might want to see just how much recovery you need to perform well, in which case doing the prescribed Tues. and Thurs. aerobic rides, PLUS a Truuli variant the day prior to your event could make sense. Or you could discard the “recovery” week in favor of a “taper” week (see the specialty plans, and use either Week 7 or Week 8, depending on how much you want to tone things down). These tapers call for workouts that hit race intensity, but for short durations in order to keep the stress toll low.

Either of these alternative approaches will provide some information you can use when leading up to an A-priority event.