Workout Options?

New to TR in theory, probably have only completed the first two weeks of SS LV 1 several times. That means I have done very little in terms of the work out choices. I did “Barnard -4” yesterday to see what that was like, it hurts… Looking for some good 60 minute or less workout suggestions, as I have not decided on a plan yet… Ultimately my goal is just to become more fit, but to also re-do a Sprint Tri in early 2020 as well as an Olympic distance based on the results of that :slight_smile:

There really is no way to get a ‘right’ answer to your question.

But, I might suggest that you put the time filter on 1 hour and then randomly pick a workout. You might do a sweet spot workout, sprints or VO2.

The true power of a program like trainer road is that coach Chad has crafted a whole bunch of plans to follow. And when you follow a plan long term you’ll get real results.

But, since you are new to structured training, really any workout will probably get you some results.

So, who cares, just pick a workout, try new things and see what you like.

Rather than picking random workouts, you might consider using one of the “Enthusiast” training plans.

  1. Maintenance
  2. Time Crunch 30
  3. Time Crunch 45

Each one has different volume options to fit a range of schedules. I see these as better options with intent and planning behind them.

If you want to pick workouts, use the search and filter tools from the Workouts web page to refine the list down to the time and intensity you want to do.

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