Adding TR workouts to replace run or swim workouts?

I’m doing the Full Distance Tri Base High Volume plan but the weather is preventing my runs. Considering the time availability and the recent Podcast 196 discussion, should Z2 TrainerRoad workouts replace the runs until I can get outside?

The FDTB-HV includes 4 rides/week plus run and swim. Swimming is my strength so I don’t know that I’ll benefit from more pool time, though I’d enjoy it. My IM swim is :59 at a comfortable pace (it was :52 when I was younger) and I can hold 1:29/100m (1:21/100yd) for 10x400m on 15s rest from the 2-3 days a week I’m in the pool now.

On the run, I truly enjoy trail running and somewhat enjoy road running. But the weather isn’t allowing me to get out there safely without worrying about becoming a statistic (from falling branches or trees during high wind conditions, like this morning) or slipping on ice (which I did twice last year, once on the bike resulting in broken ribs and two months later running on a mountain and severely hurting my tail bone with several falls on a single run, both leaving a lasting mental scar). So, I’m not forcing the outdoor run until I can do so safely. And I have zero interest in finding a treadmill.

So, even though I’m on a high-volume plan now, should I add in Z2 workouts to replace the run, if I’m feeling up to it? Or would I be better off replacing the time with stretching and strength workouts (body weight exercises, plyos, etc)? I do not belong to a gym.

It’s unfortunate you despise treadmills so much, but I get it. :wink:
I think adding in Z2 cycling workouts, or any other form of cross-training, would be a great supplement to your Tri plan in place of running outdoors in inclement weather. Just watch your fatigue and make sure you’re not coming into scheduled workouts too tired from the extra workouts you’ve been doing. I think stretching and strength training exercise could be incredibly valuable as well, and we all rarely set aside time to focus on them. Maybe approach this winter season as a window for a “strength + flexibility training camp” and start up some cross-training workouts to get your body limber and strong for when it really matters.

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Thanks. The weather has been all over the place and since I wake up early, and generally need to be done with the workout by 6:30a to feed the kids, if I abort the run it’s good to have the option to get on the bike.