Workout interruptions, coffee stops, etc

Maybe someone can help me find other threads, research articles, or podcast episodes on this topic, as I’m not sure how to phrase it. @mcneese.chad

At what point does a workout (endurance specifically, but I’ll take anything) stop being productive if you have a coffee stop or multiple interruptions or stops? Sometimes on the trainer when I’m doing Z2 while taking care of emails I’ve got to hop off for a nature break or to check on the kids or something. How many times can I stop and for how long? Is one 5 minute break ok in a 3 hour ride? What about 3 2-minute breaks in a 90 minute ride? How much uninterrupted endurance do I need to string together? At what point should I just call it and hop off? At what point does an outside ride with a coffee stop become two rides? Thoughts? Help? :pray::flushed:

Trying some searches and not finding much other than these:

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Kolie Moore just answered a similar question on Instagram the other day. I was trying to find it but since it was in his stories it disappeared.
If I remember correctly he basically said “riding is riding”. I think he mentioned something also about if your goal of the ride is not to stop and be ready for a certain long event, then don’t stop. Also it doesn’t matter and riding is riding.
I probably got that last part completely wrong and wish I had a screenshot of it.


Riding is riding. It is all productive. Hoping off for a few times over a few hours isn’t going to change anything. If anything, a nice short break may help. Think of it as the rest between 1 hour zone 2 intervals.


Thanks for the responses! That was the answer I was hoping for!