Coffee shop stop - 2x30min workouts or 1x60min with a break?

I have a morning routine where I ride to a neighboring town on a great bike path just before dawn, have a coffee there and then ride back. The whole ride is about 1hr15.

Is it better to pick a 1hr workout and pause it for coffee or should I do 2 30min workouts? I normally just pick from the TrainNow list (mostly productive and climbing).

Hey @Frommel,

In this type of situation, it’s probably easiest to use one 1 hour workout. In this case, I’d probably stick to some lower-intensity workouts as you won’t disrupt the workflow in quite the same manner as taking a break between high-intensity intervals.

If you plan on doing some higher intensity workouts (Threshold, VO2 Max, etc.) I might recommend the two 30-minute workouts as it will be easier to have a clear stopping point halfway through your ride (this is assuming it’s at least 30 minutes each way).

Let me know your thoughts and if you have other questions about this. It sounds lovely, so make sure that you’re enjoying the ride! :sun_with_face:

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That is kinda what I do. Some days, I do a 75min endurance ride and just enjoy dawn. Other days (like this morning) I want to get some intensity and do 2 specific 30-min rides.


That sounds and looks good to me! :raised_hands: