Long endurance workouts, coffee stops and Progression Levels

Hi all,

This may be a silly question, but how do you account for coffee breaks in long workouts? Do you pick a long endurance workout and simply pause it during the (longer than necessary to fill up bottles) break? Or do you pick a workout that will take you to the coffee stop and another one to take you back?

I mean, I don’t need the coffee break to finish the long endurance workout, but there’s this nice café where I’ve been going for ages and if the weather’s good, it’s my favourite destination for a longer Sunday endurance ride. The café is about 2 hours of medium to high Z2 riding on a direct route from my place. I figure that the best way to account for it in TR is to do a workout on the way to the café and then just do another workout or unstructured ride bike back. However, this way the effect on my Progression Levels seems not to reflect the work done.

In the end, I don’t care that much as I know what I have done, but I’m curious what you all do about this?



I’ve asked support this exact question and what you’re describing (do two workouts) was the answer I got. Though, at the time, PLs had just come out so the answer might have changed now.

The problem with the two workout solution is you’ll top out at a certain point since you’re only doing 2 hour workouts. You can’t get to the PL that a 4 hour workout would give.

So, if I really cared about my PL, then I’d do one workout and just leave the head unit on pause. But, I really don’t care about the PL since I know AT is going to take into account the full ride even if it’s not tied to a workout and that’s the more important metric for me.


If PLs were super important to me I wouldn’t stop except for quick bio break / topping off bottles.


But does it? My impression is that possible following adaptions don’t take into account the theoretically higher endurance capability (expressed in PL or not). AT might just consider total time and TSS. I’m looking forward to full inclusion of unstructured rides into AT, including the adaption of PLs. This question should really become obsolete then.

Chamois time is training time :upside_down_face:.

More seriously, I don’t think it’s that big a deal either way. If you’re stopping for a long, long time, maybe they aren’t one ride. Does it really matter though? I’d just pick one, so long as it’s not the difference between a ride you could complete vs one you couldn’t without the coffee break.

Hopefully in the not too distant future this will be something of zero concern. With WLV2 then AT will account for the ride you did regardless.