Feature Request: Filter Outside Workouts by Duration

Lately all the outside versions have added time to the inside version, in some cases tons of time. I understand that the TR position on outside efficiency, but when someone only has a set time to workout, it’s almost impossible to try and find a workout of the proper duration.


Something needs to be done…

Yesterday I did a 3 hour zone2 ride outside and here is the coasting:

2% coasting falls into “just ignore it” category and do the original workout as-is.

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Sure, we get that you may only have a set time for workouts. If you’re an athlete like @bbarrera who doesn’t have to coast/deal with the potential influencers that can detract from your effort outside (things like the terrain and weather are factors, stopping at traffic signals, navigating traffic, etc), then you should definitely focus on the workout you need to be doing (in terms of what the structured intervals look like/what the efforts for the day look like on Plan Builder) versus the overall time.

You should definitely feel free to exercise some agency will in determining 1) if you’ve done your outside workout and the intervals are completed (or in an endurance capacity, if you’ve gotten the majority of the ride in), and 2) if you feel like you haven’t deviated from the primary objective of the workout. If so, you should feel free to cut it short!

Hope this helps clear everything up. Let us know if you have further questions!


Sure, I get that for Z2, but Holt Hill has been altered as well, which means the intervals themselves are not the same, so you can’t just break off.

The other issue is I plan my week much more by volume and TIZ than TSS. So basically I have to guesstimate which workout is going to give me what I want.
Thanks for quick response.

I was thinking the exact same thing. Sometimes in the good weather to relieve the lockdown stresses I want a circa 45min low intensity session to do in my lunch hour. It takes time finding one as most 45minutes low tempo indoor sessions go to 1h 7, too long, yet most 30minutes low tempo sessions stay 30 minutes :-1: