Workout before C race - too hard?

I have a C race tomorrow. It’s not important but given the effort to get there, the cost, time away from family I want to enjoy the race and feel good. My TR plan has 1h45 threshold session today……why? I cut it short. Sure this has been covered so apologies if so.

Do you guys and girls just race tired?

C races don’t adapt the TR plan. They simply replace the workout for the day. No, I wouldn’t do a hard workout the day before and race poorly, also you wouldn’t want to taper going into a C race.

Look at the weeks plan and what you expect the race effort to look like. Then adjust the workout before and after the race accordingly. TR and plan Builder won’t make these adjustments for you, so use Alternates to lessen the duration and/or intensity.


unless your life schedule forces you to ride on Friday’s to get the training in, I’d have the last hard ride on Thursday, and just take Friday as a rest day. Plenty of time to do life things and be ready to leave on Saturday AM.

If you have to ride on Friday, I would have shifted all hard/medium rides to earlier in the week, and then just did endurance Friday.

But hey, it’s a C race, and this was a good learning exercise, so that’s a Win!

Good luck today!!



I’d count it as a B race if you’re worried about going into it fresh.

C races, for me anyway, would be something like a weekly crit, or some other low stakes sort of race and I’d use the training stress leading into it.


If it is a true C race I would do a legit workout the day before no problem. I do this during cyclocross season all the time.

I race cross just for fun and don’t care if I come in a little cooked.

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It’s a C race, how well you do during it doesn’t matter


Presume you did your workout the day before your race?

BTW the TR definition, a C race is just another workout. It should likely replace a workout in your week as to not drive up your TSS too high. I’d recommend spacing your workouts such that hard workouts aren’t back to back on any week, regardless of a race week. But yes, you would not taper for a C race.

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