C Race Build Phase: how to structure weeks

Hello fellow TR members,

I am in week 1 of a High Volume General Build Phase with end date 3rd of June. I don’t follow the plan exactly as written out, I often supplement with Z2 rides.
I performed an FTP test on monday, a 4h Z2 ride on tuesday and a Treshold workout on wednesday.

Next sunday I will have my first race of the season, which is a C race for me. I don’t have to be tapered for the race, but a little bit of freshness would be nice. I was thinking of doing the following:

  • Thursday = Z2 ride (+/- 3h)
  • Friday = anaerobic workout
  • Saturday = easy spin of 1-2h over the race course, mainly Z1 (replacing the weekend sweet spot ride)
  • Sunday = C race (replacing workout of week 2, probably VO2 max)
  • Monday = off
  • Tuesday = treshold workout
  • Rest of week = anaerobic workout + Z2

Would you consider taking a day off before the race and do an easy spin the monday after?
Or keep it like I planned out with the risk of feeling stale for the tuesday treshold workout?
Any general recommendations for structuring TR weeks around high intensity C races?

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like this is more of a “B” race as you want a bit of “freshness” and to do well. For what it’s worth I am with you as I don’t really believe there is such a thing as a “C” race. Yes, you can train through races, but if you line up to race it should be to compete with purpose. That said, I think your plan is good. You are training though the race and really aren’t backing off at all. The easy day before the race sets you up to do well with no impact to your training.

As for the day off before or after that is really up to you and what you like. I know people who like the day off before the race. I know some who like the day after to recover. I know others who take a day off, two days before and do a light spin after to “clear out the legs.” It really comes down to personal routine and figuring out what works for you.

This is just me personally (and speaking as a masters athlete) but I usually like the day off after a race then a recovery ride that next day back on the bike. Usually by then by day three I am recovered and ready to get back to work.

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Solid input, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

For a C race you would treat it like a workout with no changes to your week before or after. You could even add intervals before or after depending on what you’re working on