Last minute race entry, C priority. Taper?!

Just entered a low priority race this Saturday and have week 2 of general build scheduled. Any suggestions of how I can make sure I’m fresh for Saturday? Should I just keep it low volume but with high intensity efforts? I usually have today off the bike but I’m guessing I could move that till later in the week to drop some fatigue later? Thoughts on this please? Mentally I’m in a really good place and don’t feel like I’m carrying any fatigue right now. Form is top notch

If it’s a C priority race you train through it. Swap your Saturday workout for this race and keep everything as is. If you start re-arranging your training it’s no longer a C priority race.


Yep, C race = training. Don’t taper.


Depends on how long the race is. If it’s a crit, not so much. If it’s a marathon MTB, might need to.

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Piggy backing on this point with a related question. Is this schedule appropriate for a week leading up to sat and sun c (maybe b) races? Like OP, trying to strike right balance of being fresh enough to race but not compromising my training toward actual a races.