Speciality Phase - which weekend workout to sub out for a Race?

Starting Rolling RR Speciality Medium Volume.

Typically the weekend has a hard ride and a sweet spot ride.

Which workout should you substitute for a C race? I think in this case, do the hard ride the day before the race?

For a B race, still the hard ride.

For an A race, your taper should lead up to it, but if not, sub out both and do something like Truli the day before?

Edit: On the other hand, if I always skip the SS ride, am I losing the maintenance upkeep of Sweet Spot then?


Will your c race be more of the steady drawn out efforts or shorter punchy efforts?

I would replace which ever workout matches the c or b event’s demands the best.

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The C races will generally be flat, 2-3 hour races. If I fail to make a breakaway they will be easyish with lots of spiky efforts. If I make a breakaway they will be steady drawn out so its hard to say.

Ok ill probably sub out the sweet spot workout and ensure I get a quality workout the day before hand and race with the legs I have on the day I think is the best idea.

Should I be adding low intensity TSS in speciality phase?

Maybe its ok in weeks 1 -2, possibly week 3 also, but after that adding extra TSS with low intensity extra hours is probably not a good idea to do as probably after that point, the fitness you have is what you have and being more tired won’t help you, better to be sharpening up I guess?