WKO5 is here and it looks... different

Not much information yet but having just installed it I can tell you it looks totally different.




Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve got the next 14 days off which coincides very nicely with a free 14-day trial! Have a TP account but never used WKO4; will see what kind of new insights I can pick up in 2 weeks. :+1:


I have…opinions…about it.

I’ll wait until I can get a full rundown of what changed before letting forth my laundry list of said opinions.


See their Facebook page. There was a mistake and it got uncaged a few days early.

Here are the release notes

Release Notes Bullets:
*. Multiple threshold management system
*. Enhanced syncing with TrainingPeaks allows for syncing all metrics such as weight, sleep, feelings and more.
*. Smart Segment feature allows for a dynamic new process of comparing segments, laps or intervals.
*. New Dynamic Functional Reserve Capacity (dFRC) gives a deeper dive into workouts and efforts.
*. Special $129 upgrade price, check your email for discount code.


This makes it tempting, as a TTer.

How user-friendly is WK to work with compared to TrainingPeaks premium? I’d consider dropping my premium subscription and switching.

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It’s a completely different beast to TrainingPeaks. Trainingpeaks is a coaching tool. WKO is a data analytic engine. Incredibly powerful & valuable tool for a coach or self-coached athlete. WKO4 isn’t the most user-friendly piece of software, IMO (haven’t looked at WKO5 yet) but there are plenty of resources out there. Start with the FB group.


The new Hero Bar is a gigantic waste of space.

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WKO is easy to use and as a layman I have no trouble doing the rudimentary analysis well beyond what TP can do. Its easy to switch time periods or compare 2 time periods (i.e. last 90 days vs same period last year) for virtually any data set. You can also create virtually any chart on any data you want if you learn the tool set. There are hundreds of preprogramed charts and reports.

As for dropping TP premium, keep in mind that WKO is a PC based program with no mobile or web app so if you dropped TP you’d totally lose any phone or web access. They are complementary products, not different versions of the same thing.


Does it auto-profile you? Notice next to my name it has me as a time-trialer. Don’t think I’ve set that in TP.

You can configure it, just drag the top of Nav bar and make smaller


It automatically categorizes you based on your recent data. I’ve never looked into the particulars but my designation changes during the year based on what type of training I’m doing (e.g. TTer during base, all rounder during specialty/racing season).

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Hello, my name is Tim Cusick and I am the product leader of WKO. Today our upcoming big announcement was “leaked” slightly in advance. WKO5 was set to be launched in a few days, but someone found our secret link and let the cat out of the bag. On Monday we will formally launch and you will see / receive lots of info on what is new, updates, process and more. For now, here is the “in-app” education center summary of what is new: https://www.wko5.com/wko-new-features.

Thanks for trying it and sorry for hijacking thread but thought important too answer, if you have more questions, best to check out our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WKO4powerusers/



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thanks for posting, looks interesting and happy to see a number of the new features.

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Excellent. Good luck with the launch.

Cheers Tim.

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This makes a lot more sense than releasing on a Saturday morning :smile:

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Thanks Tim for posting, I don’t Facebook and wish you would consider a different platform for user-to-user support. Gave it a quick try and a lot of spinning beachballs on my MacBook Pro (top-end 2016, 2TB SSD and plenty fast). Created a smart segment from a crit and it seems this release is not ready for prime time - wacky RHE results when sorting by duration, and then sorting by power.


@TimWKO WK04 is great. WK05 looks to be fantastic. Thanks!

Read the FB post this morning and the feature descriptions. Here is my 1-2 sentence summary of each:


Smart Segments is essentially Strava segments with TP quality analytics. You create the segments and then can compare prior efforts.

Dynamic Functional Reserve Capacity: FRC (work in KJ above FTP) is shown continuously during post workout analysis as you drain and replenish your anaerobic battery.

Training Impact Score: Where TSS does not distinguish between low aerobic and high anaerobic efforts (i.e. “All TSS are created equal"), TiS shows the impact (1-10) of a workout to your aerobic system and your anaerobic system.

Training Log: Essentially it’s TP Premium’s calendar added to WK04 with the modification that workouts are represent by sized bubbles (similar to Strava’s log) according to TSS.


I use both TP Premium and WK04. IMO:

TP Premium is substantially easier to learn/get started with, whereas WK04 has a substantial learning curve. Once you are up to speed, both become easy to use.

From a functionality standpoint, it would be a Venn diagram of capabilities where collectively it can’t be beat (TP Premium data sinks easily with WK04 so there’s only one .fit file to upload).

WK05 adds TP Premium’s calendaring (and goes one step further with its scaled TSS bubbles, similar to Strava workout logs), but its not yet clear whether WK05 will have TP Premium’s Annual Training Plan functionality and, generally, its future workout planning functionality, at least initially.

The “ideal” solution would be WK05 with all of TP Premium’s features . . . and perhaps available as an online offering.