Winter season & Duathlon

I’m not yet TrainerRoad user. I’d like to do a winter season with quality workout on ride and running. This year I’ve done one duathlon and next year, I hope to do other.
So, does TR purpose winter-off season ? And what about duathlon plan ? For running, workout can be sent on Garmin watch or should be created on Garmin Connect.

I don’t think there are duathlon plans on TR, but youc ould do one of two options:

  • Use a tri plan and just drop the swims and replace them with an extra run or bike workout
  • Use a bike-specific plan and use an alternate run-specific training plan.

I would opt for #2 personally and use a 3:2:1 running plan (aka Barry P plan). Those plans focus on frequency and with frequency comes volume. You haven’t stated what your experience level you have running, but a 3:2:1 plan works great for many runners across the spectrum.

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Thanks Power13. I don’t know Barry P plan, I’ll check :wink:
I run 3-4 times per week for 30 kms / week. Once week, i’ve do hometrainer and running with threshold work.

Link to the BarryP running plan.;search_string=runtraining;#1612485