Structured Workouts for Running/Swimming [Feature Request]

I would love the ability for TR to create a duathlon or triathlon plan that can send structured workouts, similar to Garmin Coach plans (for running), to my compatible watch or cycling computer.

The running workouts available on Garmin Coach plans that run you through each interval, in much the same way that TR does for cycling workouts, is awesome but I love TrainerRoad and plan builder has been awesome for cycling. I would love to be able to incorporate other aspects of sport into the plans with the same level of structure.

Is this something that is currently being planned? I see from other threads that calendar integration for running and swimming is on the cards after Group Workouts is rolled out to mobile but can’t find anything referencing this.

beforehand this should be possible here:

Structured workout sending to Sport Watches is a little bit different, every brand (Polar, Apple, Suunto, Garmin) use their own thing and it is more complex, you can use Training Peaks for this or your Garmin watch directly with Garmin Connect.

I run with Stryd and i made my own Library of running workout in Training Peaks based on the TR Triahtlon Plan and send them to Drews Interval App on my Forerunner 945, it works perfect for me.

Normaly it impossible to use power based running workouts with Garmin, because they don’t support native power, but the developer of Drews Interval App is very tricky!

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Hey! It looks like Nate has spilled the beans that uploading run and swim workouts are on our roadmap, but we don’t have a timeline for rolling out this feature just yet. We’re working on improving our support for runs, but can’t yet share details as to what all that involves! :zipper_mouth_face:

In the meantime, please keep putting what features you’d like to see for run/swim workouts in this Feature Request thread. It will be a great resource for the team to comb through while building this feature!