Duathlon Training plans

Have recently started doing duathlons in order to mix up some of my training for TT’s and because the TT season in the UK is too short (only runs from March to September) whereas duathlons run all year. As a consequence my training has changed as I am incorporating some running into my weekly workouts and I am about to start my winter base build. I am planning to do the Olympic distance triathlon base high volume but have removed all the swim sessions from the plan - is this a good approach?

Does anyone have a good duathlon base plan or can @chad put together some duathlon base, build, speciality plans :wink:

Any suggestions appreciated.


I am looking to do something similar to this! No useful advice to add, but following the conversation with interest :slight_smile:


Used the mid volume Olympic base build specialty this year, just dropped swims. Coach Chad had i think mentioned in a podcast that he would just drop swim from tri plans for duathlon. Only advise i would offer is consider the ts linked a with high volume plan, your run ts is additional to that listed for cycling


Thanks for the advice. I am currently running at about 400-500tss a week so think I should be good. Will see how I go

@chad does some duathlons and probably has some great insight.

When I was trying to balance running and riding my run training turned into a lot of easy runs just for volume. I find running is more volume driven than intensity driven in training (opposite of most modern cycling ideal). Benefit here is that run volume takes considerably less time than cycling volume (i.e a 5 hour ride is “normal” a 5 hour run is unheard of)


I would not think about running just as pure volume base training. I found running economy being huge factor in how fast, long I can run on set tempo.

Last 2 winter seasons I mixed trail mountain running with base/build cycling plans. I usually switched 1 workout during a workdays for running workout (hill efforts, uptempo runs, …) and replaced one endurance ride over the weekend with a mountain long run. If feeling good I added 1 easy run during a week.

It worked quite well for me but I would also appreciate some real plan for running/cycling.


You probably be ok lol. One other thing I forgot to mention and you probably already know is you can open up weekly tips and it gives specifics for each run session

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I am also a duathlete training for my A race in the end of April 2019. I previously used a Training Peaks program and switching now to a Trainer Road program. After listening to the podcast they mentioned you can just do an Olympic training plan, but take out the swims. Compared to my other plan from the previous year it has roughly the same TSS and hours per week. I am starting up in two weeks the Olympic Distance Triathlon Base and will let you know how it goes.

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I have my first Olympic Duathlon next weekend and am then starting base 2 weeks later. It would be good to compare notes if you would like?


What distance duathlon are you doing, and what is your background?

I’ve been a runner for 20 years, but triathlete for only 8 or so. I find that a good speed session and tempo session for running each week along with the bike fitness from a regular TR plan puts me in more than good enough shape for a 5k-30k-5k duathlon. That’s assuming I’m doing a bike-focussed training block.

Is your run just a weakness, or a limiter to your duathlon performance?

I have been a keen but sporadic cyclist for the last 5years due to a young family and prior to that did a couple of years of running. Best 40k TT time is just over an hour so plan to smash that next season (fingers crossed) and did my first sprint duathlon in July this year 5k-25k-5k ran 2 25min 5ks and did the bike in 43mins.

I am doing my first Olympic Duathlon next weekend and am aiming for sub 2hrs30mins but will have to see how I go as not done a 10k-40k-5k before

During this winter I am aiming to just keep on building the bike and run work using the TR base,build and speciality Olympic plans to see what gains I achieve.

As was suggested in a recent podcast, you should probably be aiming for the mid volume plan and adding a ride of your choice to get to 4 rides.

The running workouts in the mid volume plan will be pushing 20 miles at a nice and easy 8:30 pace, but there are hill sprints in there and i think fartleks so there is a lot of tss in there.

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You might also combine a run program like those suggested by BarryP over on the slow twitch forums with TR. Run six days a week with three quality sessions, combined with low or mid volume SSB-Sustained Power-40K TT. Pretty aggressive, butI would bet it would be very effective.

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This was my first year doing duathalon’s. I used a combination of the high volume sprint plan and a 5k run plan on TP.

Phil Mosley has purpose built du plans on TP. I’ll be using one come January 2019. They do have some structured du plans (i.e. export to do on TR and your watch) not currently listed under the TP plans (I think they’re still under development, I inquired and was offered a 9-11 hour per week for 24 weeks). It’s for sprint and standard distance.

I just asked through his website… Looking forward to it.


I used Phil Mosley and his staff last year! Both his intermediate and advanced duathlon plans and was able to qualify for worlds and podium in each of my races thanks to them. I highly recommend their plans and if you have questions you can email them and they get back to you right away. Their newest plans already have the files you can export to TR which is awesome, unlike last year where I had to build them (shucks should have held out and saved me mins/day haha). This year I am combining his plans and TR.

+1 for Phil Mosley


Hey Daniel just checking in with you and how your duathon base period is going?! I just completed my first 6 week base plan (high volume) and was able to increase my FTP by 11%. I am doing another 6 week base plan (high volume) before heading into my build. I thought the TSS and run volume were appropriate as well. I have not tested my running threshold, but I feel comfortable enough to say I have increased that as well. Just about to register for ITU Duathlon Worlds for some extra motivation during these cold winter months in Chicago. Hope all has been going well on your end.


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Hey Patrick. Yea plan is going well so far I am in the middle of week 5 of Olympic distance base HV. Once completed I will recover over Christmas and do some runs and rides before starting HV build in Jan. so far I have gained in power and lost about 2lbs in weight so we shall see what 6 weeks of build brings. :slight_smile:


This week starts off my (ahem) 40 week plan for my “A” du in Sep 2019 (Mosley as mentioned). Still using TR for some of the more generic “ride in zone 2” workouts that happen once a week over the next 9+ months.

Gotta get my running game in gear!

Good luck to everyone starting up their du training soon!

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I have been scouring the internet as well for information on building a solid “duathlon” plan. The truth is I plan on doing some bike races as well as running race this year. But not combined… Finding a training plan that will help improve both my running and cycling is tricky. I hope to do my first marathon this year as well as my first 100mi gravel race.

I’m currently torn about how I should perform my interval sessions. Do I do all my interval sessions during my run and keep my bike as recovery sessions? Do I try planning out one/two interval session for each bike and run? For triathlon I think the magic split is 5:1 (time spent on the bike vs run) but run is a weakness so I’d like to do more… wish there was more free material about training effect. If anyone can recommend any books I’d love to read them.

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My primary focus is 40k TTs but I also enjoy duathlons. I am just finishing the last week of my 6 week Olympic base tri plan (minus the swims) and am already seeing an improvement in my running and cycling. Personally I would just go for the TR plans as chad has structured them to get the best out of you. I am going to start Olympic build in the new year.

Good luck