Will the training plan change if I have new event added?

Hey TR team,
I have built my plan for 2024 up to September, for 4 gran Fondo events. I have been following it for sometimes.
I have a concern about if I want to add one more event or change my event date, will TR automatically change the plan I built by on the new event?

Best regard,
Andrew G

Hey there!

When new events are added after a custom plan has been added to the calendar, we’ll ask you if you would like those events to be accounted for in your plan and edit the plan to better fit that event.

The general structure of your plan won’t be changed, though, so don’t worry about that. :slight_smile:

You may also have openers added the day before the event if you toggled that option “on” when building your plan.

Our Plan Builder Overview article might answer any additional questions you may have – and feel free to ask if you need anything clarified!