Can I add a second training plan to my calendar?

My A event is on the 13th May. After this my calendar has nothing else in it but I would like to start thinking about the second half of the year and some other stuff that I have planned.

So can I add a second training plan to start on say 20th May with an A event for November/December or will this overwrite the existing one?

If you’re picking and adding plans manually then yes, when you’re adding the plan then you have an option to choose the start date. If you’re using Plan Builder then you just need to add your second A event and then TR will fill in the gaps.


So if the 2nd A event is a different discipline (4 months apart) then the Plan Builder plans will take that into account and do a different focus for the next 4 months?



You can still use plan builder to pick a new plan to start when the current one finishes.


Is there a difference in practice between adding a second plan that starts after the first ends and adding a second A race to your existing plan that is 4 months after the first?

I don’t think so. You can play with it though, since it’s easy enough to create and delete plans.