New to TR Season planning

Hello guys, first season with Trainerroad here, second season with structured training.

I have three gran fondo as goals this season.

B goal May20th
A goal June17th
A goal August20th

September 2022 to end of February 2023 I’m doing a Gran Fondo training plan (high volume). I probably should have set the plan until august, my mistake.

What would you do now on? I thought about finish the plan and start a new one skipping the base fase until august, but I’m a newbie in planning the season and would like to hear your suggestions.

Thank you in advance

As someone new to structured training, don’t get caught in the trap of thinking you need to optimize your training to capture the marginal gains. You should focus on being consistent.

If you liking your current plan, and making gains, stick with it. If not, plug your events into Plan Builder and give it a try.