Will the new adaptive training plans include the "in between" volume plans?

Hi TR team, I was wondering if the new TR plans will include “in between” volume. For example, I want to do a bit more than medium but not as much as high volume.

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This is all an assumption, but listening to the “ask a cycling coach” podcast on it now and it seems like the new “Train Now” feature would be a great way to add in that bit of extra volume.


Listening to the podcast in addition to the ride now for non scheduled ride days there also seemed to be an easy way to change a scheduled ride for a longer ride if you had more time available.

This will be really useful as currently I just extend my cool downs by adding 30 minutes of zone 2 whereas it looks like I can get a more specific workout to fit my available training time and training goals.

I’m really excited by these changes. It almost feels too good to be true :grin::+1:


Read the thread. Nate has said it’s coming “near term”: 🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉 - #183 by Nate_Pearson



FWIW, doing HV for the last year since going into lock down kind of burned me out. I built out my season using MV plans, but intend to add Z2 to the weekend rides to plus up the volume. I guess if I’m feeling super well I may go for a + version of a workout. Just something to consider because, for me, HV seems to be too much and I don’t think MV will be enough.