Help with a plan with very specific needs

Hi all, I’ve been really enjoying the TR MV plans on and off for a year and have committed fully to TR to train for when road races arrive back in the UK, then CX etc.

I’ve been doing 5-8 hours a week consistently for a long time now but felt it was time to step up the training and focus for the season ahead. With that in mind, I’ve gone to morning workouts (5:20am) where I can fit in 1hr 15min rides on TR. This means I can get 8-10 hours a week in consistently and really push on.

However- the HV plans don’t cater for those shorter rides, and adding the volume to the MV plans is proving tiring, considering the early workouts and intensity involved (especially in Base 2).

I need to create a hybrid that suits- and am happy to go about adding/adapting workouts (sadly I find it very fun!).

I am after some advice with regards to intensity for the week and just how much SS to do.

E.g. Monday SS
Tuesday Endurance
Weds SS
Thurs SS
Friday Endurance
Saturday longer SS/Endurance ride outside
Sunday rest

With the option for removing an endurance ride for a rest day.

Anyone doing similar? Due to work/life the early mornings are the only option for most days (and I like starting my day with a good workout!)


Seems like this might be what you’re looking for?