Will @Nate be appearing on Pink Bike Friday Fails?

I’m just trying to plan my weekend, here. Can somebody give me a heads up?


I’m not sure if this is meant to be funny or something else, but I think we’ve all crashed at some point while riding mountain bikes, myself included, and sometimes we get injured.

Nate always puts himself out there and is willing to make mistakes so people can learn from it, and I think he deserves props for that.


Did I miss something on a recent podcast (I’m not fully up to date)??

MTB crashes when riding with friends are usually funny as long as there are no injuries, no serious close calls (and, needless to say, no bike damage :grin:).

I was riding with a friend on Captain Ahab in Moab 2 years ago. He went endo at the wrong point, and landed on a ledge about 6 feet from a 100 foot cliff. No injuries, but 6 feet further would have had a very bad ending. We were both pretty freaked out.

Nate broke a rib (or more?) recently, as mentioned in the Live Ramp Test today, as the reason he wasn’t riding.

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That’s a bummer. Sorry to hear.

Oh I wish it was on film!! I’m sure I would be since I was on an eBike :smiley:.

The sucky part is this happened at the end of a recovery week and I’m pretty sure I’m in peak fitness for all time!! Ugh!

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@Nate_Pearson when you asked on insta which team would win at Cape Epic, and everyone chose Amber, and then you asked “why?”, I believe I said something like “Because something stupid will happen to you. Remember the TT bolts”.


(Just kidding. You have so much time before CE that it barely counts.)


So about 30 days after breaking a rib @Nate_Pearson comes back and cranks out a 370 (? I think) ftp live on youtube.

I’m not saying that is the best comeback since Jesus, but that’s a heck of a come back. You can listen to the video to hear some commentary on why he thinks things went down that way. I wouldn’t have expected it to ‘break’ that way, though.

Audio is screwed up at the beginning of this video but it’s all back on for the discussion starting at about minute 22.

  • Meh, this comment has a hint of tin foil hat to it that is unjustified, IMO.

There are many stories of athletes getting breaks or other cuts in training for a number of reasons (injury is one of the most common) and that leads to a greater recovery and adaptation once they return to training. This falls right in line with those anecdotes.

This performance also parallels the discussion they had weeks ago about how Pete kicked up volume (like Nate did), had a flat or dip in performance for several weeks (like Nate did prior to the injury), and then rebounded with his best power numbers up to that point (just like Nate did).

I see this as more than possible and even predictable considering those factors and the pure drive Nate shows in his training and goals.

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Darn. It was supposed to have a hint of a pun in it.


:rofl: Not the first time my overly pragmatic mind missed one of those, DOH!

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371 :triumph: