What have you broken on your body while riding? Tell us your horror story

Okay I’ll start…I broke my collarbone in 3 pieces and 4 ribs when I caught an edge going around a corner at 50 km/hr. Needed a plate in the collarbone, but I get to tell my kids I am 8% wolverine now.

Concrete wins every time!

I put my chain on, biked back to the car afterwards (bike was fine cause it landed on me), put my bike on a rack, drove home and took a cab to the hospital.

Good times…good times!


July 5, 2015. At this point in the season, I’d already had stitches in my knee from a crash at the Transylvania Epic. I was racing at Gnar Weasels in Cumberland, RI. I’d pre ridden the course & felt pretty good.

The race started out fast, uphill. I watched as far too many people pulled ahead of me on the uphill start but I was over geared on my single speed so par for the course. About 1/2 way through the first lap, I was going down a rocky rough hill & the next thing I know, I’m going over the bars & the top tube of my bike smashes me in my most private of areas. Ouch. I get up with help & get off course. Gather myself for a moment & decide to abandon as I was a mess.

Getting back to start finish, I ran across a buddy I’d raced with earlier in the year. He was in a hammock next to a keg heckling. Hey Shoogs! Kris -crashed again? Yep. Have a beer. Seems reasonable, maybe I will.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I’d been feeling as if I was urinating uncontrollably, have I? Well that was the sensation I was getting down there. No buenos. At this point, I had a glove off & had my hand on my left thigh. When I pulled my hand away, it was covered in blood. Uh oh…

Turns out I was not urinating, I was bleeding uncontrollably. Damn it, this might be serious. Shoogs goes white & tells me to get to start finish ASAP. I finish my beer & get to the promoters who promptly call an ambulance despite my protesting that I was pretty sure I could make the 1.5 hour ride to a hospital more local to me.

So long story short, after multiple invasive tests performed by the most attractive female health care workers I’d seen to that point, it was determined that I had a hematoma of the urethra. I got a catheter for a few days & healed pretty quick thereafter. But that day my spirit broke. I crashed too hard too many times that year. I dropped out of the Hampshire 100 a few weeks later. A couple of months after that, I blew out my back & ended up off the bike for a couple of years. Been back now for a couple more & am happy to say that I’ve avoided any serious injury so far!


'88 right collarbone in a crit
'93 nose and cheekbone in a road race
'05 ribs in training
'08 right collarbone in a 'cross race
'15 scapula and acromion in training
'17 ribs in training

cars were involved a couple of times

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I can report I have been spared so far :crossed_fingers:t2:
Only some light road rash, one time when I slipped on a rainy descent, and once more when a crazy old lady pushed me of the road with her car.

Damn, some nasty injuries. So far it’s been a dislocated shoulder (torn labrum and subsequent surgery/rehab to repair) and 3 broken ribs + soft tissue injury. Both occurred while MTB riding.

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Crashed in a road race last May. Collarbone needed two plates. Also, 4 ribs busted and a collapsed lung.

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The broken collarbone caused by my inexperience in a team time trial a few years ago was no biggy. It was mostly embarrassing and disappointing that I let the team down. Then came some broken ribs with a punctured lung when I hit a hole mountain biking, only 10 k from the finish. At least I got to add pneumothorax to my vocabulary. And finally last July in a peloton crash, I got another set of broken ribs with pneumothorax. There was hardly any road rash and I barely noticed sitting in roadside nettles while waiting for the ambulance. Recovery was slow. At 68, I’ve decided that this body has had enough road racing; maybe I’ll just stick to individual time trialing.

Appearantly something in my back or spine.
Used to be fine but it’s hurt only on the bike for 2 years now.

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The only bone I’ve broken so far (45 years and counting) is my pelvis when I fell off my fixie while commuting in the winter about 4 years ago.
The blessing from this is that it got me started using TR while I couldn’t ride outside.

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I broke my right radius completely in half 2 blocks from home after starting a training ride. I was taking a slow turn (like 5-10mph) and my bike came out from under me. I live in a downtown area but it was pretty dry, so I don’t really know what happened, I think maybe some oil on the ground or maybe slightly damp road paint. It was very obviously broken just by looking at it, I got up off the street with the help of the people around, then passed out. When I came to, I called my fiance and the paramedics showed up. When they stood me up I almost passed out again so I decieded to bite the bullet and take the ambulance ride.

They set my arm in the ER and performed surgery on it the next morning, I’m now the proud owner of a metal plate in my forearm and a gnarly scar. The doctors and physical therapits REALLY liked my break, describing it as beautiful and clean. It honestly never hurt that much so I feel really fortunate.

Here’s the xray of the break, the techs that took it said “we’re not doctors so we can’t give you a daignosis…but its definitely broken”

My bike and helmet had no damage… :laughing:

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I just break my own heart after I fail at KOMs :sleepy:


Rather than retyping the story, I’ll just share a link. Out of all that happened, the nerve damage has been by far the worse.


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Broke my collarbone 4x. Broke all the ribs on my left side. Boxer’s fracture. Compound fracture & dislocation of my index finger. Broke my ankle (didn’t actually know until several weeks later. Won my fist ultra on a broken ankle).

However, I broke my ankle during a highschool basketball game (most painful injury ever), broke my nose high jumping, broke my arm jumping on the bed, and broke a collarbone playing the piano (yes, I’ve broken a collarbone 5x). So it’s possible my bones just tend to break.

Strange enough, I was an all league football player on both sides of the ball & never broke any bone of my own in all my years playing.

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Femur about 7 years ago - whilst finishing a training ride and was spinning home after a VO2 Max hills session. On a borrowed bike (as I was living in Switzerland at the time and was back in the UK visiting friends) and the back wheel locked at 60kph downhill. Off I went and left leg struck a mile marker causing a decent break.

One of those moments when you know you’re not getting up. Fortunately an off duty nurse was following behind and kept me going whilst waiting, in excruciating pain, for the ambulance to turn up (30 min later).

The diamorphine they gave me upon their arrival was worth the wait and I can understand how people get hooked on heroin! It was pinned and I was on the turbo again within 4 weeks, racing 3 months later, best power numbers 12 months later (and still improving).


You guys have had some really nasty ones.

I broke both my elbows in a crash once, wasn’t even a race or anything, just was commuting on a trail and slid out on a steel bridge. Must have tried to catch myself because I managed to break both elbows in the fall.

It hurt, but not that much at the time so I finished my commute and worked for a couple of hours before I was in intolerable pain and decided I better go to the hospital.

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Hit a pothole on a descent
Collarbone in 4 pieces
Out cold for 20+mins
Lots of memory loss
6 weeks off work
2 year concussion
Helmet did it’s job
Jawbreakers barely had a scratch though i do have a Oakley shaped scar on my temple


Winter’s Road Race 2016…200 yards from finish…guy cut across my front wheel at 30mph…Got kocked out for 5 minutes and dont remember anything for about 30 minutes post crash…broken collarbone, scapula, 5 ribs, punctured lung, bad concussion…surgery on the collarbone, 4 days in the hospital.


Oooooooh - that one made me wince :anguished:

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A clean record up to 6 weeks ago yesterday…

Knocked off my ride by a car
KO’d for a while (10+ minutes maybe)
Three broken ribs
Badly twisted / impacted hip
Lots of contusions all over

Think I got away with this pretty lightly compared to other stories reported on this thread. :astonished:

Also think I did well to reach the age of 47 before experiencing either being knocked out or having any broken bones :smiley:

Still can’t ride yet though :angry: hip is Fubar. :angry:

Surprising how much the ribs hurt and also how great the morphine was!!


I have added to my list.
Previously hit a dog, collarbone 2 places, no surgery Road bike 2009
4 ribs, collapsed lung MTB race 2015
3 br ribs, 2 cracked, 3 dislocated MTB run ride 2016
And my latest, Pedal stabbed a rock on our regular Wed night MTB ride
collar bone was busted now I have a plate with 10-11 screws, not really sure. On the bright side this was my very first surgery in 60 yrs and I now have a pretty cool pain cave built to continue TR workouts in while I heal.