Missing Nate on the podcast

I am really missing @Nate on the podcast. I like everyone else and the guests have been fantastic but Nate leaves a huge(6’6") void. Just my 2 cents.


It took we a while to realize all Nate contributes. For a while there it was the Nate show… Now that was my issue not his. He really adds a great dimension to the podcast and is entertaining as hell!

He will be back I am sure!


… NATE IS 6’6"??! :flushed: :laughing:

He’ll be back! Just needs some time to heal and recover. Concussions ain’t nothin to mess with!


I agree I miss him on the podcast for sure

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For sure but if the boss is away, sounds like a perfect time for beers with Chad & Amber!


I was going to mention this when Nate mentioned in another thread that he isn’t “scheduled” anytime soon. Sorry to whoever the scheduler is but might be a decision to reconsider. Too many ambiverts on at the same time is a bit of a grind to get through at times even if the content is of interest.

It is also nice that even though Nate is an accomplished athlete he approaches things with the mindset of a beginner. Nate’s approach makes the conversation more relatable to the average rider. Everyone else on the podcast is an expert and while the info is good the conversation at times gets a bit dry. Always good to have some newb comments sprinkled in and some comic relief.


Agree completely! Nate really adds so much to keeping the podcasts interesting. Much like the banter often between LA and Big George on their casts, that really adds tons to enjoyment. Can’t wait until he’s back…hopefully VERY soon. He’ll be finely tapered…


@Nate_Pearson is by far my personal favorite of the podcast. His stories are the best. I’m a few episodes behind at the moment. Just listened to Nate talking about trying laxatives before a workout :rofl: Makes the daily commute to work so much better!


I’ve found myself skipping the last few episodes since they just seem dull without Nate.


:100: I miss him too but don’t send him back until his brain is healthy again!

Laxatives before the commute does make the traffic patterns much more important!

I agree with all of you and I hope Nate reads this! I think he doesn’t fully understand how much he’s valued by the podcast audience.

I think Nate questions his value on the podcast because he feels he doesn’t deliver the hard-hitting scientific research that Amber and Chad deliver, but in my opinion the podcast delivers much more than that. Nate has a unique level of relatability and does a great job of maintaining a growth mindset in all of his training and racing. I learn a ton from it, and I think it provides a ton of value to the content.

Also worth noting is that it is SO nice to see threads like this! We are grateful for all feedback and use all of it to improve, but positive feedback can be rare, so thank you @Mauroj for creating this thread!

Nate, pls come back we miss you :heart:


Trust that I’m speaking for many - Nate we love ya on the podcast!


Nate always gives the impression of a kid being let loose in a sweet shop (candy store) :grin:

Get well soon :+1:


I agree. @Nate_Pearson plays perhaps the most important role on the podcast, he acts as US. He asks the questions we are shouting at our phones. He pushes for the why or who cares to go with the theory.



Perfectly said!


I’m with you there! So sorry to hear he’s had a crash and injured himself.
I admire him for his hard work and committment to learning the mountainbike skills and becoming a fast rider, in spite of his fear of gnarly stuff.
Get well soon, and look forward to seeing him back on the Podcast :smile: :smile: :smile: :biking_man: :biking_man: :biking_man: :biking_man:

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I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I just haven’t been excited anymore on the recent episodes. It’s very dull. He’s the most relatable and entertaining. He’s the main star in the podcast for me.


Playing the Devil is my favorite;-)
I like all the different hosts and guests but Pete is by far not often enough on the podcast. He is the quite guy but he hits his messages for me 100%.
Insights of Amber are awesome.
If I had a coach like Chad when I was rowing, a dream come true.
Nate is Nate :wink: in a positive way!! He is great and wants to know and understand everything. Sometimes he is a little distracted ;/) either due to a chat or some email, I don’t know.
John is the - from an European point of view US - host, has good advices on various topics.
I am super happy with the podcast, keep it as is, please!!


I’ve slipped way behind on the podcast due to not commuting for 6 months, but this thread makes me sad. I too think that @Nate_Pearson is a huge part of what makes the podcast informative as well as entertaining and motivating. If he needs to take time out to recover then that’s one thing, but please Nate, don’t doubt the value of your contribution for a second.

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