Nates crash on this weeks podcast

Anyone catch @Nate_Pearson photos of his stiches on Insta? Wishing you all the best on the recovery mate, will be watching the podcast to find out what happened.


I saw an IG story where he said it was avoidable and that he would talk about it when he was next on the podcast. Took that to mean he might be missing this week? (Just speculation on my part based on the wording.)

Yikes…this looks no bueno!

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The stitches are okay (23 of them) but concussions suck. They are serious issues and I hate it.

I see a sports message doctor this week who specializes in this (same doctor as last time).

I’m using this info for recovery: Concussion - Diagnosis and treatment - Mayo Clinic


Take it easy, rest and get well soon!

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Heal fast…but most importantly, heal well.


Sorry to hear about your injuries. Was this part of Lee’s camp?

Get well soon my friend!

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Well the stitches are no prob…you’ll be good as new in no time. Much better than a broken bone.

But the concussion is another story. Sorry to hear about that. Those can hang around for a long time. Hopefully no serious memory loss. Rest & recuperate! Glad you survived…

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Yah, but my fault. I’ll tell the story on the podcast.


Crap that sucks, I know you’ll science the shit out of this. Sending healing vibes for a fast recovery!!


:nerd_face: :+1:

Get well @Nate_Pearson


Hope you recover soon, looks like you have a really good concussion protocol to follow.

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Things happen in 3’s,so 1 more for you. Hopefully this doesn’t give amber even more of an edge for 2021. :sunglasses: Heal up fast

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Was wondering why that ride had a big ol straight line through it. Heal up soon!

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Oh crap! Rest and recover well. Such a bummer to take a hard hit again. :frowning:

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Ouch. And the weather on Sunday turned nasty in the afternoon. Sounds like you got caught up in it.

We did a quick ride on Slickrock Sunday before heading home. We finished by 1pm, and even by then the wind gusts would blow you off course if they caught your wheel.

We got lucky with the weather on Saturday for our White Rim ride.

Heal up soon.


Holy shit, that picture is no joke.

I once had to take care of a friend after he crashed on a Lime scooter. It took another friend and I a few minutes to recognize the concussion symptoms (for anyone else: namely, it was the memory loss. We explained what happened 3-4 times and he’d just keep asking what happened.) We eventually took him to the urgent care, and sure enough, concussion. Took him a few week to really clear up.

Sorry to hear that man, that’s rough.

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It was a good cut to eyebrow! Ouch!

I guess if your IG modelling career falls through you can always try riding bikes for a living!

Eyebrow slits are so last season.

@Nate_Pearson On a serious note though, how did you know you were concussed at the time? I vaguely remember Jonathan discussing this back during the Single Track Six debacle.
Get well soon.

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Speedy Recovery @Nate_Pearson !

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Can’t speak for Nate, but when I crashed in June, it was stuff like not being able to sit up after crashing - head was swooning, felt incredibly nauseated. Then a little while later, (still before getting to the hospital), it was just this major confusion, not about what had happened, but about being able to get words out and answer questions and make decisions. The severely dented helmet was also a big giveaway!

Watching the grand tours this year, when riders have crashed and you see them struggling to get off the ground, back on the bike, those moments brought back really vivid memories of how I felt.

I think this could be a great podcast topic - concussions and recovery from them.