Why is Gilbralter Not Recommended but in my training calendar?

Have you started the block that this workout is a part of? If not, it will probably adapt down when you start the block. If you already have started the block you should contact support and have them take a look.


What’s your current Tempo PL @Andrea_Howard if its significantly below 8.5 the work out would be not recommended. My tempo PL is 3.2 and it is 'Not Recommended ’ also the -1 is down a a Breakthrough WO and I have to go to the -3 version before it is rated productive relative to my Tempo PL. My actual Tempo difficulty level is probably higher but the majority of my wo’s lately have been VO2max, SS or Threshold so the TR PL will have degraded.

Doh I missed the bit about still in your calendar. Ive had PLs that have degraded and then lowered again by an FTP change and whilst TR has adapted near future wo’s it hasn’t adapted the immediate future ones and from being Productive they have become Breakthrough. Ive not seen as much as a swing to 'Not Reccomended ’ but I guess the principal is the same :thinking: