Today’s workout says “not recommended”——-huh

I am on a plan and use AI. My current SS after a prediction of FTP inc me 8 watts is SS of 2.2 now. My planned workout didn’t change, but now says “not recommended “ today’s planned workout was a SS 7.1 with my current SS being 2.2. When I saw the workout I thought may crush me. I’m planning a new SS workout of being either productive or breakthrough. Wonder why the AI would schedule me as a “not recommended”?

Its relative to your PL’s/ FTP before and after. You should have managed your work out at your old FTP even if the workout was slightly higher than your then PL. At your current higher FTP (congrats on the increase btw) you are less likely to make a SS 7.1 work out, hence the PL reduction and why it is now not recommended.

My FTP went up by 6 watts the day before yesterday but my scheduled workout was the same as my then Threshold PL (5.5 IIRC), so with the higher FTP at 5.5 and a reset PL of 2.7, it only became a ‘Stretch’. If my scheduled work was instead slightly higher than my then PL (say my Threshold PL was 4 and it was targeting the same progression to 5.5) it would have become a ‘Not recommended’ with the higher FTP(+6) and lower PL’s (2.7).

I had a similar issue…
A wo last week was Achievable and the same wo today with a 1w change is not productive…

Email for to review this.

Same thing happened to me today. FTP bump of 3% from AI yesterday and today’s workout was “not recommended.” I didn’t have time to do the prescribed workout anyway and used an"'achievable" TrainNow workout instead.

Something odd might be going on… My levels also took a bit of a hit after a tiny AI FTP increase but it did not result in any adaptions to my plan which I thought was strange.

I assumed it because my decreases were small - that could still be true in my case.