Weird PL bump 8.8-13.3

Hi, completed an 8.8 level Tempo ride 2:5hrs for TBMV as part of my plan last night. Felt like I was no chaining throughout so set the post ride survey to easy as it really did feel easy.

One of those days where I didn’t feel the pedals.

Anyways, TR adapted after the ride from an 8.8 to a 13.3 Tempo ride for tomorrow.

And it is also a not recommended ride. Lol

Before I bother the customer service has this happened to anyone before?

Has anyone experienced such a large jump at the end of a block?

My likely course of action is to change the 13.3 ride to an 8.8 alternate and do that instead. I’m at the end of Base 2 with rest week next week and FTPD coming up so I’m not sweating it too much.


I ended up doing the 13.3 workout today and smashed it.

Tempo PL updated to 10

Really good confidence building workout. No to see if that equates to any AIFTP increase?

Good riding everyone

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When you talk about Tempo PL 13.3 workout, I guess this is Hugin?

I am afraid high PL there is due known bug – sprints in otherwise steady workouts inflate PL grossly. Without those bursts, this workout would be around Tempo PL 7.5.

Anyway, this bug aside, you might have stumbled to another bug or hidden feature:

  • other bug: AT suggestions are capped at PL 10. Suggesting higher can be bug or alternatively,
  • hidden feature: with partially implemented new Workout Classifier, AT knows real PL and is able to suggest this as appropriate workout while UI still shows invalid PL.

One way or another, if you are concerned that inflated Tempo PL might affect your future workouts, you can contact with TR support for help to sort it out.

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Thanks. The workout didn’t seem that hard so you’re likely right about the 7.5 being a truer level

I’m at the end of Base 2 so next week is recovery so I’m not overly concerned

It’s a shame I didn’t get to finish off the block properly but is what it is.

Thanks for chiming in

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You were right about Hugin as well. I decided to do the session. As the 4 X 20 ish efforts seemed like a good test for me to see if I could hold those w for an extended period.

Right, if you are at the end of TB2 block, it does not really matter. AI FTP detection considers only true work anyway and in next block, you’ll move to Sweetspot stuff, so AT will use different zone PL for suggestions.


As @svens mentioned, this is something we’d like to improve on in the future.

Sounds like you still had a good finish to this block from what I can tell! If you get a bump up from your next AI FTP Detection, your PLs will be adjusted lower, so hopefully you won’t run into this issue again immediately. If you’re moving onto more Sweet Spot work, you’ll have AT giving you workouts based on your Sweet Spot PLs in any case instead.

Also wanted to mention that your thought on contacting TR Support was spot on. That’s what we’re here for, so never hesitate to reach out if you need to!