Needham 9.6 - not recommended in plan

I’ve had my eye on this workout for a while, I’ve been dreading an hour at 94% ftp and kinda assumed that by the time I got to it, my progression levels will have increased sufficiently or it would adapt down.

I’m on a MV plan builder and this is on the last week before specialty phase which kicks off with one of my A events - a cycling holiday marked as a 4 day climbing stage race in plan builder.

Now there’s nothing but a “rest” week of endurance workouts between me and this workout and it’s still sat there saying not recommended.

Fwiw, my sweet spot PL is 3.4 and Threshold 4.6 - both recently dialled back slightly by a small 2% ftp bump.

My question is, is this a bug? Should I attempt it? Should I contact support or just do another workout with train now that day?

I would think that it should adapt once you get through the rest week. I’ve had this happen with workouts at the beginning of a new phase in the other direction (lower than my PL).


This. Was stated on the forum that adaptation between blocks don’t get triggered before but should definitely happen when new block starts. Otherwise call support.

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You only live once. Give it a go, if only for the laugh!


What nightmares are made of.


Yeah but if you succeed, or even if only for 45 minutes, try it again a month later. Rinse and repeat on 1 month intervals, for a couple of nightmare months :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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That sounds like a prescription for a few months of anxiety. @mikehhhhhhh FWIW it might be worth an attempt outdoors. Do a gradual 5-10 minute build to target power and just plug until you either make it or don’t. Mentally it’ll probably be about 1800% easier outdoors than on a trainer.

Edit: target not tarter


Whilst you could probably do it, why kill yourself before your A event choose something ‘Productive’ instead via ‘Alternates’ that will get you in the best shape for your holiday if it still hasn’t adapted out. And most importantly enjoy your cycling holiday :+1:

1000% outside unless you are truly a go-nowhere trainer warrior. And like you said, gradual build, personally I’d shoot for 90-94%, and go until you pull the plug. Don’t stress about it, try to relax and use it to see what you got. And do it with some freshness, after a day off and only if you feel good.