Why don't we have a chatroom?

Hello @Nate_Pearson

Why is there no chatroom? :scream:

We all come from different walks of life. Sure some of us like to down an IPA and shoot the breeze now and then and others are here for the craic and some for informative articles :wink:.

This is a forum for cyclists created by cyclists? Why wouldn’t we like to talk to each other?

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It’s not like live chat exactly, but the threads auto-update in my experience, so you can get a pretty active discussion going at times with the current setup.


public slack channel!

Could use the discord one more activly.

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Or go on a bike ride together as we recently did the SF Bay Area that was a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Like… outside? I don’t understand.


Yes, outside. We went on a group ride with one of th TR developers and about 8 TR users. It was great for interaction and feedback to the developer.

Note to self… make jokes more obvious…

Im actually doing an outdoor ride today. But Spanish Needle is up… so the cold is probably preferable!



X gen’er here… heard about this thing called IRC? It’s still in use to this day by many groups…

You can create an IRC Server yourself in your own house/apartment if you know you are not expecting many people… lets say under 500… want more… there are hosting services…

To that end, it would be stupid easy for TrainerRoad to setup a Server… or as mentioned…


Slack is a nice solution!

I like the idea, but this forum has already fostered plenty of healthy discussions, and it creates a nice, searchable record of go-fast tips for users. Some of the threads on here are extremely lengthy but full of good arguments, and it would be a shame to have those get lost in a chat room transcript that is far less focused/organized. The point of this forum was to consolidate all FB/Reddit discussions into one place so people can come here and learn how to get faster, and I think adding a chat room would be a step backward.


If the forum keeps growing like it has been then I think a discord could be cool one day. I wouldn’t want to split the conversation just yet though.