Potential TR Forum Travel Thread

This seems like the type of community that could pull off some great potential travel opportunities. Maybe a house swap thread? Definitely a “I am going to be in {insert town} and looking for someone to ride with” resource. Seems that if someone is on this forum they’re probably not painfully slow to ride with. The “CEO” in Nate may get “Lawyer-y” and object to this but I’m sure there is some sort of waiver someone could create.
Being someone that lives in a tourist town and loves to share my cycling community with guests, it seems like this could be a good outlet.
Just throwing it against the wall to start the conversation. Spurred from the fact that I am in Santa Barbara and LA in a couple of weeks and would love to get in on a ride or 2.


I was thinking the same, I plan to be in Paris in June and was going to add a post asking about bike rental recommendations and group ride since there is no Rapha Club house there.

Not bad idea but the downside is that certain …less trustworthy people shall we say…may use this to acquire people’s bikes etc in a less than legal way. Similair to how criminals are using strava to target people with nice bikes, trainers etc…

I feel like we could avoid a lot of this by suggesting/requiring certain details and common sense when deciding to meet up with a TR forum user. For example, I would think it would be fairly easy to share TR/Strava profiles before deciding to meet up with a user to see their cycling history. Seems unlikely that an avid cyclist who posts here regularly would also be a committed bike thief looking to take advantage.

I’m going to Portland for a weekend in December and would love to meet up and ride some road/gravel with locals! I also live in the Bay Area and would be happy to take visitors out to Marin or the hills of Palo Alto.

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I agree with what you are saying…just merely putting another point of view across. As a police officer I guess I am just cautious about these things

Should any TR user ever find themselves in the beautiful Cotswolds (UK) I’d happily meet up and help arrange cycle hire etc.

I like the idea. I’m in Prague, Czech Republic and am happy to do a TR meetup/ride if anyone is in town.

I’ve done two 7 day tours of the Czech Republic and Slovakia using Prague as the start/end and they’ve been two of the best cycling weeks of my life. Highly recommend

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Did this idea ever come to fruition? I’m going to be in the East Bay in September, the 4th-8th, and will probably be riding Mt Diablo and maybe the Three Bears route. Was going to make a post to see if anyone wanted to meet up and ride with me. I came across theis thread while searching before posting though, and thought I’d post in here first.