Beta Testers Forum?


Now that we have this Forum, is it possible that we have ‘locked’, ‘hidden’ Forum for the current beta testers, instead of the mindless threads of the Faceleakyourdata’Book?


I would enjoy this as well. I’m part of the beta group, but don’t have Facebook. My wife would really appreciate me not hacking into her account to get my beta fix!


agree with this, I don’t have facebook so would be cool to have it here.


+1 not a facebook user and feel left out.

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Agree would be great :+1:

We’ll do beta posts directly in this forum now. We don’t need to have a locked room since it’s open to anyone who wants to participate. I’ll cross post in the beta group next time I do a post to tell them to come here.


Most Excellent!

As you can tell, Facebook is losing users in throngs, so having all the news here is much preferred!

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They are losing users as fast as the are losing our personal data! :joy:


I tried to update my TrianerRoad Beta on my laptop on Tuesday and it crashed and burned. It will not load at all now. Is there a tech support group for the beta?

Glad to hear - leaving the facebook groups now, and glad to be able to ditch that.

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The same thing happened to me so I contacted support and they advised me how to fix it. It worked out well.

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Just want to say thanks again for creating this forum, I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone has a Facebook account these days.

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Thanks, I’ll reach out to them. Glad I didn’t delete the regular TR.

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