Podcast Idea - A short history of TR

I’ve had a quick search through the forum and couldn’t find anything relating to this but thought it would be pretty cool to get a brief history of how Trainerroad came into existence - appreciate it’s not training related but could be an interesting podcast topic!


I’m all for a formal origin story, but here is what I gathered from info shared over the years, a short summary.


This would be a very cool podcast - or youtube :slight_smile:

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I’d also like to hear more about Nate’s management style and decision making. From listening to the podcast it appears like a nice place to work. I’ve had several interactions with the support staff and they were awesome every time. I also like how the company communicates and presents itself. I’d be very interested in hearing the thoughts and decision that led to that…


I’ll try to sprinkle it into podcasts. I honestly like to talk about business as much as cycling!!

But I talk about cycling about 100x more than business so I need an outlet!!


Cheers @Nate_Pearson, look forward to hearing about it! And thanks @mcneese.chad for all you do on the forum - it’s appreciated :+1:

TR is definitely keeping me going during these bizarre times! Hope you guys are all holding up ok :slightly_smiling_face:


Be great hear you being interviewed by Guy Raz on How I Built This, the NPR show.

That’s when you know you have made it! :slight_smile:


I’m all in for Nate’s software industry / Leadership / business podcats, maybe not under TrainerRoad umbrella, just a Nate’s personal thing


Funny how this is asked again after all the while I asked back in Oct 18. @mcneese.chad @Nate_Pearson. It would make for an interesting podcast.

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I’ve heard/seen different pieces of it. Just listened to a podcast that was linked on this forum that had some.
I’d like to hear the Trainerroad and Sufferfrst interaction, because I think there was some. Not for drama, but just hear how they developed and/or split.

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I seem to remember a 2nd person (partner) with Nate when the platform first launched. Who was he and where is he now?

I think it was Reid – now CTO at Sufferfest.

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