Who’s in the sick house?

Genuinely - make work less important, and make the rest your life more important to you. Your body would then recognise no difference between weekday and weekend, working week or holiday :+1:


(blasts through wall of Sick House like Kool-Aid Man) OHHHH NOOOOOoooooo

Yup, back in the house. Managed to do Black Kaweah +2, yesterday, and felt good. Woke up and took the morning shift with the toddler and I was useless. Fatigued and light-headed with asthmatic lungs. Fought my way through a few hours until my wife got up, then went back to bed for a couple of hours. Then a couple more hours. No fever, just a ton of fatigue and short on breath. Just finished up a course of antibiotics from the last chest cold that went bacterial. Dammit :cry:


Just came into vent about getting my second virus in 3 months. Another fever, chest congestion, etc. I’m due to start SSB1 next week after 4-weeks of forced time off due to a surgery in early February. I’m hoping I can get over this quick in order to start structured training next week.

I know this is life, but damn!



I’m also sick at the moment or I’ve been sick since the last weekend. I’ve tried to recover and took four days off. Yesterday evening I’ve thought give it a go and did some easier workout Carter. My heart-rate average was 11 bpm higher compared to February 5th. Finished Mid Volume I SSB. I would like to start next Tuesday with Mid Volume II SSB. What do you think completely off the bike till next Tuesday or skip the plan for next week and doing some easy sessions next week?

Thanks for reading, regards from Germany.


Same boat here

Ugh. I’ve been feeling a bit of a bug for a week now. It finally hit this morning.

I thought this was interesting. My wife and I got tested for influenza and got a positive result back for strain A. A couple days prior I noticed my resting heart rate felt high so I checked it. It’s normally in the low 50’s, but has been around 80 the last 4 days.

It looks like smart-watches can help predict imminent illness.


Okay, update for the Covid Era edition of this thread, my youngest caught a high fever last night so we have to move into 14 days of Isolation…and I guess expect that we’ll each come down with it in the coming weeks.

So I’m definitely in the Sick House, just not sick…yet. And I’m adding a ‘Recovered’ option for a bit more positivity which I think we all need.

  • Sick, not training
  • Not sick
  • Sick, still training
  • Soon to be sick
  • Recovered

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How about an option for Not training, not sure if I’m still sick or not? Had fatigue, headache and dry cough with burning lungs like I’ve never felt in my life. No fever, though, so I’m not sure it was the dreaded virus. Tried a light work out Thursday (Pettit) and the cough started to come back, so I haven’t exercised since and am hesitant to start up again. I might just walk 10-15 minutes on the treadmill every day for a few more days since it will be raining. Dang, was healthy since last October and on a pretty good roll.


That’s “sick” my friend. :grimacing: Hope you feel better soon.:+1:

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I’ve come down with something. Is it corona? Who knows? We’ve been at home for weeks but my wife is a doctor (not ICU but still exposed to patients). She masks up an all that but is still potentially exposed every day.

Anyway, I’ve been exhausted as if I was over trained but last week was my easy week and I haven’t ridden since Tuesday so it can’t be training fatigue. I’ve got a mild headache, mild muscle fatigue, and my HRV has been on a decline for the last few days.

It’s a scary time to be sick (pondering worst case scenarios and all that) but getting a mild case of corona and developing some immunity may not be the worst thing in the world…

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Probably best case scenario IMO.

Some states are already opening up again this week, which sadly will likely result in a bit of a bloodbath. Vaccines are a long ways off, and the miracle cures from repurposed and dangerous drugs are fearful desperation. I really hate to say it, but I assume this is going to make its way through most of the population one way or another before a vaccine becomes available.

Not strictly sick but yesterday I started getting some quite bad pain in my foot. It felt like cramp but got worse when attempting to stretch (toes up).

Plantar fasciitis seems the likely explanation. Ice & anti-inflammatories seem to have calmed it today and I’ve been able to walk normally on it.

My physio friend suggests rest, calf strengthening (heel raises etc) and building up slowly. I suspect it’s a result of increased time on the bike so I’ll also be looking at cleat & saddle positions to work out what’s going on.

I’ll be pushing back my planned ramp test for this week unfortunately.

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What helped me with with plantar fasciitis was using arch support. That meant putting Superfeet* in all my shoes and also buying more expensive “stability” running shoes from a running shoe store. Higher end running shoe stores carry lines of shoes that you won’t even find at a sporting goods store.

*I was evaluated by a podiatrist and he said that I wouldn’t really benefit from custom orthotics and that Superfeet would be fine.

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Definitely in the sick category now, friday I felt off, saturday i had stomach trouble, today in bed all day only drank water, rehydrant, paracetemol and imodium. :face_with_thermometer:

Im suspecting the really dirty, moldy shed I emptied and painted middle of last week. Hoping Im over the worst of it - id only atarted SSB MV on Monday.

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Im over the worst but still very weak and losing weight. But talked to a Doctor who is convinced it was gastroenteritis, and I just need rehydration, food and particularly potassium.

So doubt Ill do much training this week! :wink:

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Time to resurrect this thread!

Although Ive just had a light cold I have skipped training friday and today, light bike and run yesterday.

Its getting to that time of year, and lockdown hasnt kept me healthy so far.

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Bump. I’m sick!!!

Daughter started nursery last week and picked up a cold immediately! Which obviously means I’ve now got it. Jeez… i’ve not been sick in years. Sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes.

I’ve had a few good weeks on the bike, and would hate for it to be all for waste if i take too much time off.

I think i’ll just do some endurance work.

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Chest infection (non-Covid)

My youngest has had it for two weeks must be, Ive finally caught it. :frowning:

Tempted to run anyway, but haven’t slept well for three nights either so just hoping I can recover quickly.

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Persistent head cold since last Friday. Hoping to train again this Friday, but I’m not sure. It feels ridiculous to have a severe cold in the middle of summer.

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