Who’s in the sick house?

We could change the title of this thread to “Who’s got kids?” and it’d be about the same responses.

Chills and body aches 8 days ago - directly from patient zero (my toddler). Just clearing the echoes of a minor upper respiratory thing now. Tested the water with an hour of endurance over the weekend and Sweet Spot on Monday. Yesterday off then going out with the chain gang tonight. Wish me luck.


I’ve been lying around for two days not riding. Got a scratchy throat and thought maybe I got a touch of the delta variant (I’m vaccinated).

I did a home covid test and it said negative.

How do you get a cold in the middle of summer when you have little face 2 face contact with strangers? Weird!

I’m not getting worse so maybe this is the break I needed.

Yeah we got sick last spring while in full lockdown, no contact with anyone.

My chest infection has gone thankfully, just me and my youngest had it.

First ride today after a couple of days off.

I was noticing low HRs. Either my HR is low because of whatever I’ve had (I feel pretty good) or I’m just more rested than I have been in a long time.

My resting HR was lower than ever this morning (46).

During my ride, my average HR was only 121. It was an easy ride but I was going up a short hill at threshold and my HR didn’t break 125.

Woke up today with a 42bpm resting HR and an HRV below range. Still, I feel good.


Bumping this thread because I feel sorry for myself. My son started preschool last fall and it’s been one low-level illness after another for the whole family since November. I just started another round of coughing up fun green stuff on New Year’s Day.


Thought winter illness was over but come down with a cold yesterday after four nights of difficult sleeping.



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Lol… it’s March and, since November, we still haven’t gone more than two weeks without someone in our house getting sick. My daughter is down with something right now. It’s a bad year for us.

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Our son and I are sick. In fact, I’m just waiting for the bill and his medication. On this year’s menu was losing my voice. Fortunately, I feel alright and can do everything else, but train.


Dude, why didn’t I see this thread before. I’ve been questioning reality since January, we’ve been sick off and on for the last 3+ months.

Most recently, I’ve just been having green snot but no other symptoms. But the RPE for the last couple of threshold workouts have been 9 or 10/10. I had to quit the workout today because my legs just couldn’t put out the power.

This morning, my wife told me that our 2 youngest kids likely caught COVID from a birthday party a few days ago; they’re both coughing and boogery so It looks like I’ll be starting over soon.


Damn that’s rough…sorry to read that.

My little toddler was sick for almost 2.5 weeks while we were in the middle of moving, I had something minor - the yucky chest coughs but it wasn’t too severe and didn’t keep me from training. Right now it turned into that old-man cough where I have just a little phlem in my throat all the time.
My girlfriend just came down with some serious and had to go the the hospital to get checked…white stuff all in her throat and it hit her like a ton of bricks yesterday. She negative for covid though, and that’s great. Hoping what she has passes quickly and doesn’t get my little boy sick. Chances are after everybody get’s better I’ll get sick. Fingers crossed.


I feel your pain. That’s definitely my achilles heel.

I have started washing my hands more often, especially before/after dropping off my kids at day care. Anecdotally, that helped a little. Another factor that helped was getting enough sleep in. Before getting sick, I had trouble sleeping (despite being in bed early enough). Now I basically use the time I would dedicate to training to sleep. But especially with young kids, you can’t avoid getting sick altogether.

I seem to be on the way back up

Not sure why Garmin reports 7 day averages as that will lag obviously

Did a 45 min endurance, Birch, seems okay. Will get back into the planned bike workouts on Thursday.

If I can get sleep tonight and weds.


Now two people sick in the house since my last post. I’ve been spared so far for this most recent bout, but I’m not holding my breath. It could all change tomorrow.

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This is getting a bit much. I feel fine and I’m motivated to get on the bike, all I have is some green snot. But when I get on the bike I cannot complete a threshold workout. It’s been like this for over a week now.

What the heck is happening???

Check your blood oxygen levels. Possible your O2 uptake is low.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I have an Apple Watch Ultra that’s showing 100% right now, granted I’m just standing here.



We were done being sick for a full 5 days until this morning. Another round of colds just hit my son and wife. I should probably just laugh at this point, but it’s seriously been like this since Thanksgiving. It’s uncanny.

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