Sick with a cold after SSB1

I finished SSB1 (low volume) recently, and have just come out of a recovery week. This week should be the first week of SSB2.

I did the scheduled Ramp Test this morning and got a (disappointingly) small improvement of 3%.

I felt as though I might have the beginnings of a head cold last night (tested negative for Covid) but nothing too bad and thought it might have just been fatigue from work stress and some bad sleep. Anyway, I felt sluggish at the start of the Ramp Test, so I’m not surprised it didn’t go as well as I had hoped.

Fast forward to this afternoon, and I’m definitely ill with a head cold and a slight cough. I feel wiped! I’ve done another Covid test which is negative, so it appears that it is just a cold.

I think I know the answer to this, but would I be better off taking this week as an extra recovery week, and starting SSB2 next Tuesday with another Ramp Test when I will hopefully be 100% fit?



And don’t worry about the small gains after SSB1, it will get better after B2 and beyond. You are building base.

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I would definitely give myself a week break and let my body some time to recover. And if you need a good med for the cold try a cold fx capsules. I order them in online pharmacy usually and those are great. Maximum two days and i am back on my feet again.

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Cheers both @Exision88 @hollymak. I’ll rest for now and pick things up again next week.

Rather than use the Annotation feature, I want to just push the whole week back. I’m not training for any events or anything, so I don’t need AT to adjust things, I literally just want to push back the start of SSB2 by one week so I can train the full 6 week block. @IvyAudrain am I right in thinking I can just delete my current plan, and then manually add in SSB2, followed by whatever build and specialty phases I choose (which are SPB and CRR)? Thank you.

You can absolutely do that! Recovering and feeling fully ready to train, too, may take more than a week, so it’ll be nice to just start your fresh plan whenever you’re feeling ready without having to keep adding annotations. Rest up!

Thanks @IvyAudrain! Much appreciated. Depending on how I feel, I’m guessing I should in theory be fine to start SSB2 rather than have to repeat SSB1 first? If it’s only been a couple of weeks of recovery?

I have been down for about 8 days with a head cold and I’m in the middle of SSB2. I feel better then I did last week but still have nasal congestion and a nagging cough.

It’s really hard to stay off the bike but I’m trying to not set my self back any longer than I already have. I’m really struggling to fit this sickness off tho.