Training when (slightly) ill

Hi there. Looking for a bit of advice. Off for festive holidays and was hoping to really take advantage of the time off by getting good solid sessions in consistently for the 2 weeks.

However, I have got a bit of a cold. It isn’t bad (really just a bit blocked up with a dry throat early morning and at night) but I know that common wisdom is to rest when ill and let your body recover. But as this is fairly minor I am tempted to keep going. Would appreciate any thoughts.

When I’m in a similar situation, I tend to continue training but only adhering to time rather than goal TSS/session type.

For example, if I’ve a 90min Sweetspot session planned, I would sub this for 90 Endurance and so on. However, if RPE is through the roof I would abandon fairly quickly and focus on recovery.

I just went through the same situation. I got sick on the last week, the cool down week, of SSB vol I. I did what I could, skipped the last couple of workouts and pushed forward (thank you calendar functionality) the next block a week.

There’s not much point in fighting it. I decided that getting better, healthwise, was the best focus I could have in order to minimize the dent in my schedule.

It’s a nightmare and I’ve experienced both sides; pressing on and making a minor illness worse as well as resting when I could have done something. Nowadays I err on the side of caution, since I turned a moderate illness into a major issue this autumn by trying to carry too much training load.
My best advice is to start a workout and podge the ‘extend warmup’ option a few times. You’ll get a sense of whether you’re going to get into it or if it’s one to skip as you noodle away. I find that adding, say, 10 mins easy spinning can be enough to bring my legs on line and get me going.

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I skipped a week before Christmas due to a chesty cough, to be honest it has lingered on do I’ve just got back on the bike since I don’t want to lose fitness.

So far I have been able to do the workouts and I don’t appear to be over stressing my body. My advice would be to give the workouts a shot but listen to what your body is telling you.

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It depends…a bit off and you might just tone down the volume/intensity. Headaches, shaking, fever, projectile vomiting…maybe no training at all :slight_smile:

Update us with your ‘progress’ here :wink:

You know you best. Listen to your body.

In the same situation over the last two weeks I swapped out threshold and vo2 workouts for tempo stuff of similar length and tried to maintain my schedule.

I train as long as the cold stays out of my chest. If it’s head congestion only I find it doesn’t impact my training (although it does impact my recovery so I’m much more cautious if I’m not sleeping well). Once something migrates into the chest I stop everything, curl into a ball, and wait for death to take me

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I am in the same place - no fever but dealing with a lingering cough, postnasal drip, and a bit of fatigue. About an hour of clearing my throat every morning. Stopped my SSB2 progression and am trying to onramp gently. Taku 2 days ago. Half of Tunnabora (regrets for not choosing Mount Field -1 instead) yesterday. Hopefully by Sunday I can rejoin my regularly scheduled programming. It is hard to tread water when your brain was committed to a plan but smart training is adaptive to circumstances. Good luck to all in this boat.

I think I am going to keep giving it a go. I don’t have any Vo2 max type stuff till next week so hopefully will get through unscathed. Will be sensible though so if it gets difficult will just knock it on the head.