Who’s in the sick house?

Welcome back to the workforce!

Fittness plummeted a week ago but starting to get back properly today. Didn’t feel sick but fitness just dropped massively so maybe underlying flu.

After a minor “oh am I sick, I’ll take a handful of days off” a few weeks ago, I’m finally actually sick now - started feeling a little meh on Saturday, flu symptoms minus a fever on Sunday, and I went to urgent care this afternoon (Monday). Thankfully I tested negative for the flu, but I was basically ordered to rest as much as possible (including the doctor saying, “try not to go to school or work, I know that’s hard to manage”), drink a lot of fluids, and I’ve been prescribed a cough suppressant, pseudoephedrine (because I live in a state where you can’t get it without one), and am taking ibuprofen for pain.

Of course I had just finished a FTP plan on Zwift and started the SSB II LV on TrainerRoad and felt great after the first week. My plan is to take this week off, do a week of low TSS rides the week after (along my rowing training - rowing is my primary sport), and then move to week 2. I also had to scratch an indoor rowing (erg) race that will be happening this Sunday. Somehow I don’t think said race/regatta fits into this whole resting business…

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Been developing Ebola or something since Saturday, last night did Carson and it actually almost felt like the worst workout to date, such a struggle. Afterwards I checked my temperature, 38,17 Celsius, damn no wonders I have the shakes. :poop:

Normally I would have decided to stay in bed, but I’m really put off by the prospect of stopping the plan mid way through, too much invested in it :joy:


Give your body a chance - it can’t adapt while fighting an infection!

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I might drop today’s workout as its only Pet tit -1 so no great loss there if missed.

Have been for a couple weeks… trying to figure out how to adjust the plan builder to adjust for this… missed a few work outs… any suggestions ?

Been sick for 5 days and didn’t ride for 2 days before that due to work obligations. Looking to get back on the bike in 2 days.
I will do one week of minus versions or lower the intensity to 90-95%.

I’ve been laid low which either a sinus infection, saddle sores or just a plain cold for what feels like months, then a week of working away once I got into the swing of things.

Long story short - I’m healthy again, with a pleasant enough gentleman’s area. let’s get training!!

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My wife, then son then me all came down with a pretty horrific 12 hour GI virus last week. Right before I got it I took a ramp test and got a nice FTP bump, then listened to Chad talk about “January heroes” on a recent podcast. I was sick within 6 hours, which I took as a sign :stuck_out_tongue:. Hoping to ease back into it tomorrow.

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SICK LIKE DOG! Training sucked last week couldn’t complete any workouts. Then it blew up on me last Wednesday night and I was flat on my back from Thursday thru Sunday. Gonna have to seriously re-assess my race plan/calendar going forward.

Just coming out the other side from a horrible chesty cold, which took 3 weeks before I could get back on the bike. I’m still a bit throaty and bringing up some amounts of phlegm, good job I ride mostly on my own. Worse was I pulled my back helping at an event, so that is slowly improving. But you soon forget all the problems when you’re back riding.

Yep. Got hit two weeks ago. Kind of weird in that I did the Texas Chainring Massacre on Saturday and felt fine until Sunday morning when what I thought were allergies flared up. I don’t have allergies but every once in a while I do get impacted by them. So I took an allergy pill, went out and did a 60 mile-ish mixed surface ride, and again felt fine… until Monday morning when all the sneezing and congestion came back in full force. Luckily it was my rest day, so I took it easy for the next 24 hours. Thankfully, I felt good enough to get my regular trainer workout in on Tuesday. I consider myself very lucky that it wound up just being a 24 hour cold and more a distraction than anything else. :slight_smile:

ughh, i just got hit with a chest cold, i really hope i’m not out for 3 weeks! i’m glad you’re feeling better though

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Only seems like a week or 2 i was scrolling through this thread full of cold the cold passed the training restarted SSB1 2 weeks in then on Sunday I go out for my Sunday social :coffee::cake: with the lads and on descending a small hill in the rain have a momentary lapse of concentration and crash resulting in fracturing my C7 vertebrae & braking my sternum :weary:

That’s terrible! Glad you’re okay in the grand scheme of things! Mend up quick!

Oh man - no words.


Sorry to hear that you crashed hard. That is seriously in the sick house.

Heal soon, I’ve broken two vertebrae at different points in my life, no fun.

I’m struggling with some depression right now from being off the bike. Have really never gotten sick, but now have a preschooler, and the past month has been just one big chest infection around the house. Hard to deal with.

Typical - finish a training block and decide to have a weekend (3 nights) away at the start of my rest week. First time off work in months and guess what …

Siiiiiick - chest infection :frowning::frowning:

Haven’t done a single minute of exercise since Saturday last week. There go all my gains down the pan …

Am I the only one who notices whenever I get some time off work I get sick - must be something to do with my mind / body coming down from a heightened state and then my immunity dips?

Any opinions / strategies for countering this?