Dealing with illness in a training plan

So, it was bound to happen… My wife and kids have all been sick in the last couple of weeks, and until now I stood strong.Last night I woke up with that taste in my mouth, and I knew I was going down. I’m halfway through SSBMV1 and I skipped McAdie, and I suspect I’ll need to skip tomorrow’s workout too. Maybe I’ll do something really easy like Taku if I feel up to it. What would you do? Just skip the two days’ workouts, or pick up where I left off, thereby pushing back the whole schedule? Ugh, being sick is sooooo boring!

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Great ideas in this thread…

Personally, take the time to rest, stay nourished and keep hydrated.

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Ya, I basically go by the thought that if the sickness is in my chest or body, I’m resting. If it’s in my head (snotty, stuffed up) I’ll ride.

If I need to take more than a few training days off, I’m going back to the previous week to start building the intensity again from something a little more tolerable.

I hope it passes quickly for ya!

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Another ref for you from the TR team.


In the same situation as you just before Christmas

From a practical point of view I pushed the entire plan out a week, and did a few very low intensity workouts instead just to hold my fitness. I found low level riding tolerable under the circumstances and helped lift my mood,

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This week has been bad for me, missing 3 sessions so I am going to repeat the week. I have no long term race that I am planning for so it seems sensible to me.

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Thanks guys